Tuesday, September 7, 2010

cooking labor-day-ness

it is rather amazing how much lighter i feel after having posted "all i have is my attitude" yesterday. i think i was avoiding writing for the blog because i was struggling with formulating and processing what was going on....and as a result, the struggle became a "block" for me to post on the blog.

yet, now, as i sit here....in haus...one of regular afternoon working stops,

[pic from earlier visit] i felt like i had a very productive day, am better able to handle some of the things going on, and feel like the "writing blog block" is gone.


well, now that i've wrapped up for the evening work-wise, i wanted to share with you a lovely time i had over labor day weekend. there was a group of us that got together in south bay and cooked a bunch of food. i must admit that the cooking together sort of thing is one of my favorite kind of holidays. when i told DH during our morning meeting what i did over the weekend, he thought i was kind of addled for thinking cooking all day would be fun....but then again, i don't exactly find rock climbing all day to be fun either (which is DH's idea of a good day).

yet, it is not just the cooking but it is also the shopping at the market that is fun as well. i grabbed a bunch of stuff from the ferry building farmers market on saturday.....

which included strawberries, tomatoes, kale, and dandelion greens from dirty girl produce, shishito peppers from terra vegetables, and a few different types of salumi from boccalone for the meal....as well as a bunch of stuff for me personally from heirloom organic gardens.

then on sunday, we ended up making things simple and utterly delicious dishes like pan fried shishito peppers with maldon sea salt....

dirty girl tomatoes with the maldon sea salt (which is totally richie's fault because he planted that idea in my head when i ran into him and kitty in the dirty girl produce stand on saturday).....

as well as things like roasted chicken....

the greens cooked with the bones/carcass of one of the chickens we cut up.....

a pasta with a red sauce using boccolone's nduja as a base.....

we also ate the dirty girl strawberries "as is" as well as making strawberry lemonade. it was all supremely homey, simple, and yummy.....yet it was all underscored with laughter. i love holidays like that.....where people i love come together over food.


the week and beyond just looks so much easier to deal with at the moment.

speaking of food....it is time for me to grab some dinner.

until later dear hearts.....i hope you had a lovely labor day weekend as well.

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