Saturday, September 25, 2010

delicious brunch-o-rama at nopa

the reason why CK and i decided go to nopa for brunch today was not because nopa is one of the hottest restaurants in the city. yeah, that is nice and all but that is not why we went. the reason why CK and i decided to go to nopa for brunch was because amy brown is doing brunch.

see the difference?

big difference.

lets get this out of the way shall we? i am friends with amy brown. i have been fortunate to have (and had) the opportunity to share meals, laughter, and thought provoking conversations with amy. i have also had the rather wonderful chance to eat her food ....not in a professional setting....but rather in a setting that is filled with warmth, laughter, and community.

the words that come to mind when i think of amy are smart (ahem, really smart), articulate, passionate, thoughtful, witty, and gut-bustingly silly funny in an incredibly fearless way. there aren't a lot of people that i would seat next to my deliciously wicked godfather during my birthday at slanted door a couple of years ago...but i knew that if anyone had the strength of character to handle my godfather, i knew amy could. she can give as good as she gets. oh yeah, she also makes great food.

i know i am very fortunate to know some amazing people. hence i am not surprised when i hear about them making strides in their careers and doing great things. my reaction is often "of course!" with an ear-to-ear grin as i am happy to know that they are receiving the much deserved validation for what they do. as a result, this was my reaction when i heard that amy was doing brunch at nopa. my attitude is not making light of their accomplishments. i am fully aware of what it means to extend a new offering from an established place like nopa. no pressure or anything. ummm, hello spotlight! yet, she is who she is...and now....more people will have a chance to know who she is through her food.

so what did i think of brunch at nopa? in a word.... delicious. everything was delicious.

if you don't believe me, you should try it for yourself.

i'd be rather surprised if you weren't tempted to visit nopa for weekend brunch after you see the pics.

CK and i split everything including the smoked trout, farmers cheese, and house made bagel......

this succulent tender pork with braised greens, fresh cranberry beans, and skillet bread.....

the spicy grilled chorizo with poached eggs, romesco potatoes, and mizuna

and the pear and almond galette....

are you hungry? i'd be surprised if these pics didn't elicit some i'm feeling them now, despite eating so much just a few hours ago.

nopa, 560 divisadero at hayes, san francisco, ca, +1 415 864 8643,

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Serene said...

Wow, that's all just gorgeous.