Saturday, September 25, 2010

getting ready for another adventure with CK

i woke up this morning with a wistful smile and sigh.

not only is the weather just absolutely beautiful outside, but today is the day that CK and i have reservations for brunch at nopa. i have been looking forward to this for a while. from my perspective, one must always have plans to see loved ones and eat good food. life can throw us some unforeseen challenges at times so why not try to balance it out by planning for some good stuff? ...or in today's case....some great stuff.

i'm very excited about hanging out with CK and us having another culinary adventure. the last time we were able to hang out for a while she was very patient with me when i couldn't figure out where the heck minamoto kitchoan was on market street. at the time, i didn't remember the name of the place or exactly where it was, but CK was game. we eventually found it (648 market street) and it is like walking into a jewelry store. although the overall design aesthetic was completely different, the way they presented the treats reminded me of pierre hermes (at st. suplice) in paris.

after making a couple of purchases, we went to sfmoma to look at some art and then took (or perhaps snuck) our treats to the blue bottle cafe on the rooftop of the sf moma. we enjoyed the treats with some the blue bottle iced coffee and a latte on the lovely rooftop.

this is really becoming one of my favorite hide outs. btw...i know that we snuck in the treats in but my odd sense of moral principles makes me want to point out that we cleaned up after ourselves and didn't throw away any of the packaging from minamoto kitchoan there. as that would have been kind of bring in the treats and expect the bluebottle/moma folks to clean up after us. i absolutely wouldn't sneak in food into any restaurant, but for some reason it felt ok to do so on the rooftop....perhaps because the rooftop is more an open community space where folks hang out, even if they don't buy anything from blue bottle. actually, now that i think about it...the majority of people that seem to hang out there haven't bought anything from blue bottle. kay, i'm off my soapbox about that one. regardless, it was a lovely time....lovely to look at some art, hang out with CK, sip on some excellent coffee, relax on the roof, and nibble on some new treats.

well, i must go....i have to get ready for the brunch-o-rama and figure out what muni i should take to get there.

until later dear hearts....



Serene said...

The treats look delightful, but what are they? :-)

foodie hunter said...

hi serene,

actually, i must confess that i don't know the actual names of the sweets as the one bought was based on looking in the case....the one that i split open to show people is the persimmon mochi one. if you are in the sf store, it is the one below the cash register at the very back of the store.

my friend bought the other two but we didn't go to the register at the same time...the green one is this super fluffy green tea flavored confection that is a regular item based on this pic from their facebook page:

and the dark one is a sesame covered mochi.

hope this helps!