Thursday, September 23, 2010

got linked!

it has been an interesting and busy week thus far. i was thinking about a few of the things that have happened while i was taking a break away from work today to make myself a snack of shishito peppers.

i decided to do something different this time. i decided to do a complete dry pan roast of the peppers to see if i could maintain a firmness to the pepper while still roasting them.

in an ideal world, i would have just roasted them over the flame, but these tender peppers are only about a couple of inches long and that would take a long time to individually roast them over the flames of my gas stove. i also wanted to see what would happen if i didn't use any i usually do. this happens quite a bit in my kitchen. my trying things out just to "see" what happens.

i did set off the fire alarm a few times. but alas, these were pretty tasty as a snack. as i sat down with my first round snack.....

i took a moment to recall one of the things that happened earlier this week. on monday morning at about 9:52am, my personal blackberry beeped with a google alert that indicated that inside scoop sf linked to my post of working at off the grid with the hapa ramen folks.

here is where the link appears

look for the "from the local scene" section for the link to my post.

inside scoop sf is a social media-friendly food content portal from the food folks at the sf chronicle (my definition....not theirs). i must admit that my instant reaction was "oh shit!" and then went to the posting to see if i had missed any typos. have i mentioned in the last few days (or maybe hours) that i'm not a journalist and have never ever ever....ever.... said that i was? just want to make certain we are clear on this point.

very clear.

after i checked through my post, i thought it was cool that they linked to the post. yet, i was very surprised because that meant he (paolo lucchesi, formerly of eater) actually read it. it is one thing to speculate via google analytics regarding who reads a post here and there ....but it is a very different experience to actually know who read a particular post. actually, as i have mentioned before, i still get surprised when i find out that ANYONE actually reads what i've written.

when looking at google analytics, most of the time it doesn't really register that these numbers are people. instead, it is me nerding out. i'm trying to figure out connections of traffic between twitter, flickr, facebook, tumblr, and the blog. it is more of an intellectual exercise in thinking about communication and the flow of communication online. well, that is what antisocial nerds like me do. we treat our social media outlets like our own ant farm or private lab. if i ever decided to go back to school, i would probably study how people communicate via social media and its potential impact for change in society as a whole. yet, that would be quite abstract and not really focused on who the people actually are. in fact, sometimes, when i see things like "hearst", "advance publications", a really cool design firm, sf moma, or the like as the "service provider" on analytics, i kind of pretend that i didn't see it.....because, if i speculated too much about who those people could be, i'd probably start breathing in a paper bag.

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