Monday, September 27, 2010

new toy

at the moment i'm testing out my new toy. some gals go gaga over diamonds and the bling. i go gaga over veggies, a good cup of coffee, and technology. i actually bought an ipad yo....and am currently writing this post from ritual on valencia before i meet up with loved ones. i'm working on learning what it means to have officially gone over to the "mac" side. the ipod doesn't count....that is such a cross over device. so after my slew of meetings this morning, i hopped on muni to downtown and begin my journey toward macdom.

naturally, before i hit up the apple store on stockton, i decided to pay a quick visit to the sf ferry building to try out cowgirl creamery's newest offering, sidekick. the folks there were super nice as i stood there a bit confused looking for their menu posted (it isn't posted on a wall yet) and one of them handed me the menu to look at. i noticed after perusing the menu that i should definitely get my rear here for the breakfast as the challah rolls filled with goodies such as mt tam cheese and ham....or sliced mozzerella and hard cooked egg with green onion mayo are definitely going on my "must try list". i had difficulty deciding what to get as i didn't want to eat too much as i knew that i would be visiting hapa ramen at their pop up at bar tar i didn't want to fill up too much. so despite the warm weather today, i decided upon the grana padano panade with green beens, toast, and cowgirl cottage cheese dumplings......i'm such a sucker for dumplings.....

and the earl grey panna cotta ( rolled eyeballs about my choice of panna cotta)....

they were the perfect size snacks....and i look forward to trying some of their other options as well.

hmmm...i better get going so that i'm not late for our reservations.

until later.....


cowgirl creamery sidekick, 1 ferry building, san francisco, 94111, +1 415 392 4000

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