Tuesday, September 28, 2010

simple and easy with backyard produce

it was another very warm day in san francisco. as a result, i knew that i wouldn't want to be spending a lot of time around the stove as the day grew warmer. yet, i knew that i wanted to use the produce that the best friend had given me last night from her garden.

i'm trying to eat as much produce as possible before my trip to the uk. while i usually am able to eat a fair amount of produce in london....i really don't find that to be the case around the bits of northern england that i visit often for work. a prime example that not all regions have the same amount of easy access to fruits and vegetables (not to mention "local"). last night at the hapa ramen pop up, the best friend had given both AB and i some tomatoes and figs from her garden. because i wanted to use as many tomatoes as possible, i decided to make a heavy on the tomato pasta....with two different types of tomatoes......i'd roast some of the tomatoes and then use the cherry tomatoes just warmed up (but not cooked) with the pasta.

because it involved roasting, i washed them and put them in the oven in between my morning meetings. my intention was to have them ready well before the heat hit.

while they were in the oven, i quickly cut up some of the figs she had given me as well....and had the figs with some yogurt and honey.....

which was an excellent way to start the day. once i could smell the tomatoes were done, i took them out and then put them aside for later in the afternoon.

then, in the early afternoon, i boiled some whole wheat linguine and then took a quick look though my cupboard and fridge for what else i could put in my two-types-of-tomatoes pasta. i had some garlic poached in oil (a common standard that i make...along with other standards like a pot of cooked grains and braised greens), so i decided to the poached garlic along with some preserved anchovies and dried chilies (in this case they were paper lantern chilies from tierra vegetables) to use as my sauce base.

this was super easy as after i warmed up the oil, the garlic, the anchovies (which i would have smashed before putting them into the pan if i was making this for a guest btw...but when it just me...i'm ok with skipping that step), then adding the pasta.......giving it a couple of swirls and tosses....then adding the roasted tomatoes.....

and using tongs......moving/stirring the pasta until the strands are slightly coated red from the roasted tomatoes...then the final step is adding the halved cherry tomatoes....

when the cherry tomatoes are just warmed up...then it is ready.

i love it when things like this come together.....simple but very tasty. i must admit that knowing that the tomatoes and figs came from a loved one's backyard was an added bonus.

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Victoria said...

hi tomatoes! you look good! (And yes, I'm getting caught up on blog reading...) ;-)