Sunday, October 3, 2010

3:37am or 7:37pm

location: manchester england
time: 3:37am

i am in northern england at the moment for a work trip.

i left my place on saturday at 6:30am in san francisco and then arrived into manchester about 9ish am on sunday. the journey was probably one of the best ones i have taken thus far and by one of the best ones....i mean, there were no flight delays, little to no turbulence (i can't remember the last time that happened), didn't sit next to anyone that tried to yap the entire way, no lost luggage, etc etc. i started at sfo, sipping on water and sketching to pass the time before boarding (see top image) and then the flight to newark was very uneventful (even going over the rockies). i remember landing in newark being pleased by the lack of turbulence. then after camping out at the one of the star alliance lounges for the next few hours.....

then caught a flight to manchester. we ended up arriving about an hour early since the winds pushed us along and again, no turbulence (which is a complete surprise). for all of my bay area loved ones that are puzzled by the above picture, the "local time at origins" is eastern time.

by the time i arrived to my hotel in manchester, my traveling time had been about 19-20 hours at this point. i was able to stay awake until about 1 o'clock in the afternoon but then just had to crash. hence, me waking up about about 1 o'clock am uk time, and i've been watching episodes of glee and no reservations on my ipad. the ipad has been wonderful regarding speeding along the travel time.

while i have always been a fan of no reservations, i watched my first episode of glee a couple of days ago. historically i had been rather indifferent to musicals...didn't really like them or dislike them...until the heart sister (who is a fan) and i went to see avenue q in new york. it was the first musical that i truly enjoyed. yet it isn't something i typically seek out. while i was looking for potential content watch for this trip, i thought i'd watch a glee episode on hulu to see what all of the fuss was about. when i realized that i found myself laughing out loud and actually enjoying the musical numbers, i decided to buy season 1 for my ipad. i've watched about 4-5 episodes so far and i can understand what the fuss is about. there is something compelling about stories of misfits that connect with each other and address a few rather emotionally charged issues through humor, song, and witty banter. i'll probably end up writing more about this subject at a later this prompted me to think alot on this trip about stories....and why we (as human beings) are so voraciously hungry for stories....and perhaps connections.

yet, i'll write about that more later when i'm not so jet lagged and distracted by the fact that i have to sew a button back on my coat that popped off in customs. i'm certain that will look so professional won't it? arriving into the office in a few hours with a missing button on my coat? well, at least i still have a button to sew back on.

until later dear hearts.....miss you already.

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