Thursday, October 21, 2010

the big mac from 4505 meats

one of my usual things on saturday mornings at the sf ferry building farmers market is to have breakfast while looking out on the bay. as i was stuffing my face with steak and egg poutine from 4505 meats, i get a text from a certain chef who asks where i am and we end up meeting up for a chat as well as him helping me pick some things out before i head back to my place to make the mushroom soup for the ill loved one. yet, during our chat, this chef pretty much dares me to eat the "big mac" from 4505 meats. i always listen when friends make recommendations on things to try and i just stored that away in the foodie hunter brain-powered database for later retrieval.

then i get this email via facebook....

which gives folks a heads up that the "big mac" is on the menu today.

at this point, i still don't have a clear idea of what this is. so when i arrive to the market right before it closes, i feel a bit sheepish when i ask the nice gal at the 4505 meats counter what the big mac is. she, like everyone else i've ever ordered from at 4505 meats, is super nice and explains that it is two patties with the fried mac and cheese in between. i could feel my arteries almost harden in response to her description. yet, i knew that i was going to order it and also knew that it would likely be one of the only things i'll be eating today.

when my order was called up, i had to gasp....i mean wouldn't you?

isn't that just amazing? i said that aloud to the folks when i saw it is rather amazing isn't it? one of the gals behind the counter suggested that i take a pic....which was a wonderful suggestion.

as i walked around to find a table, i could see and hear the folks whispering about the food. i mean, it must have looked pretty funny. i'm a chubby not even 5 ft tall gal carrying this rather large burger thing....and as soon as i sat down with it and started to dig in....

i had at least 4 people ask me where i bought it and one blogger ask if they could take a picture. i have no idea who the blogger was. i usually don't see myself as being that approachable but maybe it was my look of gluttonous glee as i dug into the burger that provided an illusion that i am a friendly approachable person.

folks, it was a very naughty kind of way.

well, i'm back to work.... sippin on some blue bottle iced coffee.....getting a few things done before i head back out later to visit the sf moma for the meatpaper event on the rooftop. a certain chef is going to be doing some molecular gastronomy tonight as his offering and i definitely wanna get some shots in of that....

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