Wednesday, October 20, 2010

cuddle monster

i'm doing something a bit different.

instead of taking a break away from my place by working in a cafe, i'm working from a loved one's sitting. it is pretty cool. i've already established a routine for this working-dog-sitting-thing, in that i'm making regular stops at the blue bottle kiosk on linden (see top image).

cuddle while i work on the computer......

and peek at the cuddle monster while i reheat lunch (left over pasta i brought from home) in the loved one's oven.

i didn't see anything that seemed oven proof in a brief look through the kitchen so i decided that the easiest thing to do was reheat my lunch on some foil.

pets are great aren't they?

well, i better get going, i think it may be time to walk the cuddle monster.

hugs to all....

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