Monday, October 25, 2010

fearless, lovely, and amazeballs: since u been gone

i'm sitting in a local cafe and i can't seem to stop smiling.

i'm still fighting off this cold-flu-whatever-it-is...but at this moment, i really don't care. i finished booking the details of my trip out to nyc in a couple of weeks, and a loved one in nyc forwarded me this link to a piece that his partner completed.....

and it still is making me smile now. i mean, how could it not? aren't they so fearless in their silliness? so adorable....and really rather amazing. i found myself humming the kelly clarkson song to myself, giggling, and thinking about their video while i was digging into my hot pumpkin spice sundae (two scoops of pumpkin 5-spice ice cream, cinnamon whip cream, butterscotch, and pie crumble) from humphry slocombe....

one of my favorite places in the universe. as i was noshing away on my sundae, i was thinking about life, love, and laughter.....and how fortunate i am....that my life is and has been filled with such. it reminded me that even among some not so great times....just how lucky i still so many ways.......lucky in who i love, what i eat, where i live, and how laughter is never far away..... and i hope dear hearts....that it is the same for you as well.


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