Tuesday, October 19, 2010

front of the house

kay, i'm winding down....for the "night". i just finished off sending a few emails and i know i should sleep....because i have to get up in a few hours....but my brain is definitely all a buzz buzz buzz. i did get a chance to take a quick walk over to OTD on bush today for a soup visit. i managed to hit it at prime lunch time today though.....a time that i typically avoid. it was interesting to see how packed it was. i am not surprised, they do good food....which is why i like visiting during "off hours"....so that i can have the good food but not be around so many people. yeah, i know i am so anti social.

i sat down at the bar like i usually do and one of my favorite servers (both of my favs work the bar on a regular basis) was there. i quickly ordered the shrimp and pork wontons w/the braised pork and egg noodles. it just felt like that sort of day. i've had it before (big shock) so i already knew that i liked it.

the soup arrived quickly which was great as i had no intention of lingering in that crowd today. as i was slurping away, a couple next to me started commenting about how gorgeous the server was. my first thought was "well, duh. what a way to state the obvious." yes, i know...i am quite the cranky shit head. but then, i also thought this couple were being total dipsticks to her, so i really wasn't feeling all nice, warm, and fuzzy towards them. then my follow up thought was "even though she is lovely....that isn't the reason why she's one of my favs though." it is true. she's one of my faves because i see her hustling about always doing something...even when it isn't busy. the very practical and efficient part of me definitely respects that. also, she is always very composed and gracious (even to some real dipsticks that come in...and oh boy...have i seen some real dipsticks come in and eat at OTD). she always seems to know when i want to linger or when i'm in the mood for a quick bite. i've seen her answer all sorts of questions and is never condescending. when i observe folks like her, i realize how challenging working the front of the house can be....and how different people respond to those challenges.

i really don't know how folks in the front of the house do it. during my brief excursion to "the other side", i went into a zone of distance and was super-duper-polite as i knew i couldn't be a total shit as this wasn't my business. there was only one time that i wanted to throw the ramen at someone but i didn't and ended up kinda sorta venting to a certain chef about being condescended to. it was one of those moments that i realized that this chef has all sorts of people skills...which makes sense...he has to in order to run a kitchen...and a team. i don't like not being treated well....which is why i suppose i avoid dealing with the general public as much as possible...so i have to tip my imaginary hat to those that make conscious decisions to do it....and hope that they do get something out of it.

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Pattie @ Olla-Podrida said...

I just sat down with a cup of morning coffee, and am now craving a nice hot bowl of soup. It could be because it's 62 degrees in here and I'm a bit shivery. This looks good and I love that bowl and saucer. Enjoy your day.