Thursday, October 28, 2010


as i was born in san francisco (yep, there are actually some of us still here) it would be remiss of me to not provide some commentary on the fact that the sf giants are currently playing against the texas rangers in the world series.

game two is happening today and it is rather fascinating to see so much black and orange in the city the last couple of weeks. the fact that the sf giants made the playoffs and are now playing in the world series is the reason why i am hayes valley, typing this posting from a loved one's place and dog sitting the cuddle monster. he is snoring while laying on top of my feet and only a dog could make snoring cute. usually, the loved one works in soma and brings the cuddle monster to work with him. yet, there is really no parking to be had in soma during regular games (much less epic events such as the playoffs and the world series) so hence....the foodie hunter gets to dog sit. i think i'm the one that has gotten the best part of this deal.

for those of you dear readers who are not from the bay area or even the states, the fact that the sf giants are in the world series right now is quite amazing. the sf giants in the world series will become a part of the city's mythology and legend....especially if they win.

after my slew of meetings that started at 7am and ran well into the afternoon, i was extremely hungry by 1pm-ish. i decided to see if i could make it to the ferry building before 4505 meats closed up their stand (it closes at 2pm) to try the "gigante dog" (i.e., all beef hot dog with cheddar and jalapeno ....which is as good as it sounds...actually it tastes even better than it sounds).

thankfully, i was able to arrive at the stand about 10 minutes to 2pm and they still had some left. as i basically inhaled my "gigante dog", i was thinking how it seemed appropriate to have a giants hot dog while watching so many people wearing giants gear in the streets....and with much of the city waiting in anticipation to see what the outcome of game 2 will be. the foodie hunter, like many folks in the city, hope that they'll go all the wouldn't that be something?

who says the foodie hunter can't be a wee bit sentimental? shhhhh, don't tell anyone kay?


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