Saturday, October 23, 2010

just another market morning

ahhhh, i do love saturday mornings. not only do i actually get to sleep in which is absolutely positively wonderful, it is also a chance for me to hit up the saturday farmers market at the sf ferry building. as usual, my first stops are dirty girl produce, heirloom organic gardens, and tierra vegetables to see what they have to offer. then i decide what to eat for breakfast. i think my body is still recovering from the "big mac" that i had from 4505 meats on thursday. it was amazing...but i don't think my body can take eating it very often. i decided that i wanted something a bit lighter and checked out the menu at namu. also, as a total non-food related aside...while guerilla cafe in berkeley still holds the foodie hunter award (for the two cents that is worth) for the sheer number of beautiful people that work there (which i have blogged about before)....i think namu is a close second. not to detract from their food or anything and i say this with all due respect....but damn, there are some good looking people that work at namu. i'm not the only person that has remarked on friends and i have had conversations about this during a visit to the place in the richmond.

anyway, back to the food right..... after reviewing the menu and such....i ordered the yuzu french toast which i've had as a "dessert" at their place in the richmond.

i think i was off in my own little world thinking about the french toast as well as sneaking peeks at my farmers' market crush that i didn't even see a friend hanging out in the 4505 meats
booth until he made some arm motions and faces at me. i think this must be a new record. i've seen him 3 times this week. after a brief chat and my picking up the yuzu french toast....

i realized that i forgot to remind him that i'm still up for kid sitting duties so that he and his uber cool wife can have a date night out. sigh. yet, i'm sure i'll have another time to mention this to him or his wife since the universe seems to think i should run into them so often.

well, gotta run dear hearts....there are a few more errands i need to do before i head over to oakland with a loved one and a friend of his visiting from the ATL. methinks that there may be some bun bo hue in my future....and who knows....maybe i'll have some decent shots to show you later.


namu, 439 balboa street, san francisco, 94118, +1 415 386 8332,

also at the sf ferry building farmers market on thursdays and saturdays -
one ferry building, san francisco, ca 94114,;

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