Wednesday, October 13, 2010

rescue me

i'm sitting here, listening to one of my favorite songs, cherokee's "my own queen" on repeat, looking at some of the pictures i've taken over the day. i was going to write about my over reliance upon pasta [see top pic] during this hot-for-san-francisco weather....but instead, my attention keeps wandering back to a moment i had with the family during a dinner time picnic with steamed buns that i had picked up from OTD earlier. EC, one of my god kids, asked me during dinner if she should be rescued. it was a total random question and did not relate to anything we were talking about.

it made me pause.

now....i know that she is 4 years old. i was there the moment she was born with hair as dark as mine so i fully comprehend how old she is. in many ways, it is rather amazing how she has the lump of coal that passes for my heart in her tiny little hands and with that question i could feel the lump palpitate. when she asked me that question about a zillion things hit me at once. the most prominent thought was "some boy had better not be wanting you to play the damsel is distress and pretend to rescue you. you wait for no boy to rescue you." which is completely not an age-appropriate thing to say. i realized then, and now, that it was really my own shit that was reading quite a lot into that question. i have a rather strong independent streak, but then again, so does my feisty goddaughter. there was a lot going through the foodie hunter mind in these nanoseconds while my sassy smart goddaughter looked at me expectantly with an innocent grin. i also realized that there were many ways to handle this question. i decided for the blatant approach.

the conversation went something like this:

"you know what? you can rescue yourself.", i said quite calmly as if we were talking about the weather.

ec: "rescue myself?"

me: "yup. you don't need anyone to rescue you, you can do it yourself."

ec: "is that what you do [insert foodie hunter's real name]?"

me: "emmm. hmmmm." nodding my head. "you've already done it too. when you were younger, you fell off a stool, you got back up, and got back on the stool. it is the same thing. you've already done it."

ec: "like boo-boo?"

me: "just like when you get a boo-boo. you fall down, you brush yourself off, and you get back up."

you know, sometimes it is good to be the godmother.

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