Wednesday, October 27, 2010

simple moments in hayes

well. i'm back in hayes valley working from a loved one's place and spending time with the cuddle monster. he is currently snoring while laying on my feet.

this is becoming a habit that i can definitely get used to. i can also become way to easily accustomed to stopping off at the blue bottle kiosk in linden.....

for lovely lattes and mochas (made with recchiuti chocolate no less. sigh. rather addicting. more sighs). there are many things that i could become very accustomed to working from this neighborhood.

personally, i don't think i'm hip enough to live in this neighborhood, but it is nice to visit. i haven't really done a lot of exploring food-wise while doing this working-and-dog-sitting-thing. i think it is because i've been wanting to spend as much time with the cuddle monster as possible so i end up bringing my lunch or snacks

as well as drinking copious amounts of tea while i am working from the loved one's kitchen table. although this snack is just a persimmon, i just love the colors. yes, i am such a food nerd. i do like to stand back and admire the color of produce.

not only do i enjoy admiring produce, taking the pics allows me to appreciate the moment even more. it is one of the reasons why i started this blog years help (or more like actively prod) me stay present in the moment....and notice things that are happening in the moment. i'm glad that i'm taking more time being present in the moment these past few years.

sometimes it really is the simple things that make a day great. in this case, a lovely mocha from blue bottle, the striking contrast of the beautiful tasty orange persimmon against a blue plate, and a snoring cuddly dog warming my feet as i work....these are some pretty great ....and simple.... moments.

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