Saturday, October 9, 2010


i'm at one of the lounges in heathrow. i've staked out a comfy chair next to a power outlet and i have a feeling that i won't be moving for quite some time. the lounge is very crowded at the moment. i don't remember it ever being this crowded during other visits....but then again.....most of the time when i am in the lounge at heathrow, it is during the week rather than a saturday morning. i am here for for at least another two hours or so.

i am looking forward to being back in the city, in my bed, in my kitchen.... safe, sound, and hale. i've had little time to myself over the past week. sleeping doesn't count as alone time. also, i think it would be different if i was spending an extended amount of time with loved ones....that is a different frame altogether. i know i would be considerably less cranky, if i was hanging out with loved ones rather than non-loved ones.

speaking of loved ones....i do have a funny story to share with you, dear readers.

on friday, i woke up and before i hitched a ride to work, i saw that AC had left me a vmail message on my personal mobile phone. oddly enough, i tried to call my vmail and it piped me directly into the "greeting message" instead of the usual voicemail menu. i did a few things on the way to work such as taking the blackberry apart to restart the OS and such....but alas, i still wasn't able to access the vmail. i was getting a bit worried at this point because i wasn't certain what was going on in the bay area for AC to call me from his mobile while i am abroad.....and also with the time difference, i wasn't certain if it was the kind of message that meant that i should be calling at the wee hours of the morning. there were quite a few scenarios running through my head.

i ended up waiting until it wasn't an obscenely early hour in the morning in the bay area and called the landline before i met up with some folks for dinner. when AC picked up the phone, i asked if AC had left me a vmail message on my cell phone and how i couldn't access the message so i didn't know what he called about. then AC proceeded to tell me that he was talking to the guys the night before about a food truck that serves this great lobster roll and he wanted to tell me about it. of course the family wants to tell me when they've heard great things about or tried something that they've really liked....this is kind of a given. while i was listening to AC relay the story, i realized with relief and amusement that he had no idea that i was in england. right about this time, i hear the heart sister say in the background something along the lines of "is that [insert foodie hunter name here]? is she calling from ENGLAND?"

after talking to AC a bit more, AC handed the phone over to the heart sister and we were able to have a good chuckle over the whole thing before i headed out to dinner.

later during a dinner in manchester, DH asked me about it and i said that it was all good. then DH mentioned something else that i found to be "everyday" it is for us to be calling and speaking to folks in other countries and time i didn't think anything of ensuring that my phones worked while i was even last week, DH was calling me in san francisco while he was in bahrin so that we could have a meeting. we took a moment to appreciate how easier it has become (technology wise) to call someone halfway across the world with no time lag on the phone. i would not be able to do the job i have now if mobile and communication technology wasn't where it is today. it was good to know how easy it can be to reach out to someone when you need to.....and vice when a loved one wants to give you a heads up about a lobster roll.

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