Sunday, October 10, 2010


i'm back in my apartment in the city. my eyelids feel incredibly heavy as i am trying to keep awake. i had originally wanted to take a nap after i had brunch with a loved one this morning at nombe, but with fleet week happening....i discovered that even i cannot sleep through planes soaring through the skies of san francisco.

so i'm sitting here, sipping on some green tea, thinking about the day. it started off interesting as the folks at nombe were off to a late start this morning, yet the loved one and i enjoyed the "japanese breakfast" which consisted of lots of different sorts of nibbles and tastes....

as we played catch up on each others lives, the subject of my earlier meddling (and subsequent nagging) came up. for those of you that have just joined....due to hearing about someone dealing with a loved one's tumor.....i decided to break my "no meddling" rule and tell a very stubborn rebellious strong willed loved one what i thought they should do. fast forward to today which is the first time i've been able to see this loved one face-to-face and hence, talk about this further in person. it was an interesting conversation. i know that there was a significant part of them that wanted to tell me to fuck may have been something about the fire in their eyes that kind of gave it away. but we both know that i was right....which is probably why they didn't tell me what bridge i should dive off of. i also have a feeling that both of us knew that i was doing this out of fear, concern, and this person has been and always will of the most important people in my life.

yet, there are....of course....consequences....when doing this sort of thing. in this case, this loved one has decided to take it upon themselves to initiate actions on my behalf on the work front. they casually mentioned that they thought it would be a good idea if i met with this big wig person that they've come to respect over the past 6 months. i didn't really respond with anything more substantial than a "hmmm"...while i continued to munch on my brunch. i mean, this loved one has met with lots of big wigs over the past couple of years.

i didn't think much of it....until a hour or so after we hung out, i get an email saying....or...actually....more declaring really.... that they've already made the introductions and this big wig is now expecting me to contact them.

well well well.

my only poor excuse about not seeing this coming is that i am obviously jet lagged.

it looks like this loved one has decided that what is good for the goose is good for the gander.


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