Monday, October 18, 2010

treats from miette

i'm taking a quick break from a few work projects and munching on some treats from miette. i didn't buy the treats from miette as they were a gift from a loved one. looking at them still makes me smile.

yesterday, i dropped off some of the wild mushroom soup that i made for a loved one and i must admit that i was rather intrigued by the miette bag that they had on their kitchen table but i didn't remark upon it. i mean, just because there is a bag from a confectionery and patisserie on a loved one's kitchen table doesn't make me automatically assume that what is in the bag is for me.

let's be real shall we....most of my loved ones enjoy food quite a at any given time there can be sweets, savories, produce, and more on kitchen tables, counters, etc. etc. it doesn't mean that they are gifts for visitors. i remember thinking it was a bit odd that this loved one fiddled with the bag a couple of times. looking back on it, i think he was waiting for me to say something about the bag. but i didn't. i thought it was kind of odd that the bag was marring my vision of this loved one across the table during our conversation but then i was distracted by some cute thing that the dog did and decided to go sit on the floor and cuddle the dog. i do adore this dog. if cuddling was an olympic sport, this dog would definitely be a medal contender.

then as the visit ended, and i was getting ready to head out of the door. i hear this exasperated statement about how the bag is for me, that i should take the bag, and how he doesn't want to hear any arguing. i remember thinking "well, why didn't you say so before? jez." but i didn't say that aloud. it didn't seem like an appropriate response. then i peeked into the bag and whaddaya know. it was filled with all sorts of goodies. i said thanks and i can see that he is feeding my snack habit.

so what was in the bag?

here are some pics i took as i was waiting for muni to head back to my place.....

in the jar was lemon heads, turkish taffy, a kitkat, and what i suspect are candy cigs....

buttery toffee caramel corn (which i've already been munching on).....

and these lovely chocolate cookies....

which i started to munch on this morning for breakfast.

i suppose it is pretty obvious to my loved ones that i have a rather ginormous sweet tooth.

miette, 449 octavia street, san francisco, ca 94102, + 1 (415) 626-6221,

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