Wednesday, November 17, 2010

back in the city

i'm back in the city and it feels good to be home.

i'm hoping that i'll finally get over this flu-cold thingy that i have and tried to help it along today by hitting up OTD on bush for a bowl of soup for an early lunch.

is this really such a shock dear readers? that the first place i would hit up after arriving home is OTD on bush? when i sat down at the bar, one of my fav servers (who is leaving! for the east coast! maybe i'll see her in a magazine someday as a famous theatre actor) let me know what is new on the lunch menu....which was the caramelized catfish. i do like this dish. it is one of the dishes i had ordered when i rented the private room at the sister restaurant slanted door for my rather epic bday dinner a couple of years ago. while i knew that the catfish would be good, i was in the mood for soup and also when i saw that creme fraiche ice cream was on the dessert menu...that cinched it for me. i knew if i had the soup that i'd have room for the ice cream. i also noticed a change to their coffee they now use four barrel coffee for their coffee drinks and ordered a cap with my dessert.

my soup arrived pretty quickly.....

and i demolished it pretty quickly as well.

yet, i did do a bit of lingering over the creme fraiche ice cream as well as my cappuccino....

i'm not going to lie. going to OTD on such a regular basis is a complete indulgence....and one that i doubt that i will be forgoing in the future. a gal's gotta have some indulgences in life....and good food is absolutely positively mine.

well, i have to go dear hearts. i have a meeting that starts in 25 min. "first day" back and already a midnight meeting....i really am back.

until later.

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