Saturday, November 13, 2010

just another the upper west side

location: upper west side, new york
time: 10:30ish am

yesterday evening after a jaunt around the city, i arrived back at the apartment and reheated some soup i had made the night before (chicken stock, matzo balls, chilies, sage, thyme, spinach, salt + pepper) for dinner.

then i promptly fell asleep. i seem to do this to myself quite often....assume that i must always be at a "go-go-go" pace. nevermind that i am pretty sick and that i've been at this conference earlier this week. perhaps if i was home, it may have taken more subtle hints from my body about taking a break rather than just collapsing on the bed.

as i woke up this morning, i realized that i need to take better care of myself. interestingly enough, i also realized that i had the ingredients to make myself a small batch of some homemade thyme cough syrup (honey + thyme) so i set that into motion this morning.

it is basically brewing a strong thyme tea and then mixing it with honey. the strength of the "cough syrup" comes from the amount of thyme you mix with the hot water. when i have made this for loved ones, i used about 1 cup of thyme leaves only (that is a lot of thyme btw..a whole lot), then boiled two cups of water, poured it over the thyme, steeped until cool, then only mixed 1 cup of the tea with 2 cups of raw local honey. this makes quite a large amount of cough syrup. as i waited for the thyme to steep (notice that i included the stems this i wasn't making it very strong...and it is what i have on hand)....i figured that i'll just wing it once the water has cooled. btw, this stuff really does taste like medicine.

after i put that aside, i decided to make myself some hot chocolate. i used some chocolate buttons that i bought from one of my many trips to zabar's (i love that store). i also decided to add a chili pod.

yes, i've been doing some grocery shopping since i left the hotel for this apartment. i put some water on the stove to boil and then added some hot water and mixed the water with the chocolate....

i tasted it and it was a wee bit to intense chocolate wise for me this morning so i cut it with a bit of warm milk (that i nuked in the microwave).

once it was to the flavor and consistency that i liked, i nuked the bowl of hot chocolate for another minute to get it hot and then transferred it into a cup (see top pic).

i know that i'm only in new york for a few more days but i think i am going to take it easy today. you may be seeing a few posts from me today dear reader as a result. i think today is going to be about staying close to the apartment, perhaps hitting up one of the green markets, and making dinner.

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