Saturday, November 13, 2010


location: upper west side, new york
time: 8ish pm

at the moment i'm waiting for a friend to come over for dinner and i thought i'd share with you, dear hearts, the lovely meal that i had at peels earlier this week. when i asked richie for recommendations in new york, i was not surprised to see peels listed as the first recommendation. anyone that has followed richie/linecook on his blog or his twitter account is aware how much he cares about ginger....and it so happens that ginger is a chef at peels....not to mention a former nopa colleague is a sous. also, for those of you who follow this sort of thing in the food world....the folks behind freemans are also behind peels and shuna fish lydon is the pastry chef. these aspects were more than enough to pique my curiosity and ensure that i made a special visit to this place at 325 bowery.

as i walked in, i took a couple of seconds to look around. i noticed the rather large communal table, a delectable selection of pastries behind the counter on the left side of the cafe, and the more extensive seating area on the right. as a newbie, i have no problem approaching a friendly face to ask what the system i could tell that there was one...but wasn't quite certain what it was. the host gal was super nice as she answered my questions and then seated me for table service at the counter. as luck would have it, my server used to live in the bay area. i thought that was pretty funny. the only thing that i knew for certain was that i wanted to try was the biscuit and then the server steered me toward the shrimp and grits....and suggested that i order the biscuit to sop up the additional gravy and such from the shrimp and grits. well, i was sold and ordered it......

and it was supremely delicious. hmmmm. i am sighing as i recall this dish.

as i was noshing on my food, i took in the surroundings and it was nice to see the light hustle and bustle. i went during off hours during the week as i heard it can get pretty busy. also, from where i was sitting i was fortunate to be able to see some other delectable things on the way to their tables....i love those plates!

by the way, the biscuit was seriously good. seriously.

there was a couple of times that i saw a person in chef whites that i suspected was ginger. did i say anything? nope. what was i suppose to say, "ummm, hi, i'm foodie hunter and richie told me about your place?" i think it is different if one is a chef.....or it would be different if i wasn't so socially awkward. lets be real shall we? anyway.

after i was done with my lovely shrimp and grits, i was absolutely positively going to order stuff to go.

there were so many things to choose from. yet, i ended up deciding on things that could be put into my bag since i knew that i would be walking around the moma for a couple of hours. i picked out the peels muffin (buckwheat, rosemary, and lemon marmalade), the brown butter rice crispy, and their version of an oreo....except a million times million better. when i bit into the peels i-o cookie....i remember thinking that the next time i'm in new york with the heart sister...she has to try this, i know that she will love it.

well, gotta go finish making dinner as my friend should be here in a few minutes.....until later.....


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