Thursday, November 4, 2010

ramen for breakfast and dinner

so i'm sick.

i've been fighting it off for a while, yet, now...whatever it is....has a firm grasp upon me. i am not a pleasant sick person. when i am sick, i am even more cranky than usual....and may the gawds take pity on anyone that has to interact with me.

i suppose it has been a mixed blessing that i've been a bit isolated the last week. i've been dog sitting in hayes valley for a loved one while they have been in nyc and there is this rather massive project i have to finish by tomorrow i haven't hung out with anyone this week.

i've been living in two places trying to spread out the cuddles between the cuddle monster

as well as my pets. yet, after i arrived into hayes valley this morning and walked the cuddle monster, i realized that this cold-flu-whatever has really hit me hard and thankfully, i didn't have any meetings this morning so i used that as an opportunity to head to the ferry building and grab some ramen from hapa ramen for breakfast. also, as the loved one returns from nyc tonight, i wanted to grab one of hapa ramen's "to go kits" for his dinner.

when i arrived at the ferry building a few minutes before 10am, i kept racking my brain of what to get as a "trade". i mean, it seemed rather obscene to show up at the hapa ramen stand with bourbon before 10am. i decided to hit up prather ranch to see what they had and investigate if there was something i could buy there to eventually trade for some ramen. as i perused the goods at prather ranch, i decided to pass on the sausages because i have a feeling that hapa ramen gets his from 4505 meats. you know, picking something non-alcoholic to trade is not easy....but i eventually settled on two types of bacon. yeah, i know that he can make bacon himself.....but my options were limited.

after buying the bacon, i dropped it off at hapa ramen ...which may or may not have gone over too well...but hey, i'm still learning about this kind of stuff...i'll figure it out eventually. i have a feeling that i may resort to baby stuff for hapa ramen baby. but mrs hapa ramen (as usual) was super nice about my bacon offering. then, i picked up the pork ramen w/sous vide egg kit to go and then concentrated on my big daddy bowl of ramen.....

the deliciousness of the broth, noodles, egg, veggies, and pork belly were exactly what i needed........

to help fight this cold-flu-whatever it is. i didn't even need to use a spoon since i just ended up slurping from the bowl. after i finished, i headed over to dirty girl produce to pick up a couple of things and just smiled to myself as i saw them eating food from hapa ramen as well. i suppose i wasn't the only one having ramen for breakfast today.

as i was waiting to catch muni back to the loved one's place in hayes valley, i was tempted to open up the hapa ramen "to go" kit to see what it looked like.

but i resisted the temptation until i got to his place. i was curious about what the loved one was going to have for dinner tonight and what a formal "to go" kit would look like. as i have blogged about before, hapa ramen put together a custom kit for this loved one when he had strep throat and i'm really glad that hapa ramen decided to go formal with their to go kits. i think they are an excellent idea. this is what the pork w/sous vide egg kit looks like btw...

it consists of a bag of uncooked noodles, veggies, egg, and the porkolicious broth....

you can get the kits on tuesdays and thursdays while they are at the ferry building. you can also get the kits this saturday (november 6th) from 12-2pm at 550 alabama by ordering them from

well, break time over....and must get back to my project deadline.

until later dear hearts...

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