Monday, November 15, 2010


location: upper west side, nyc
time: almost midnight

yesterday, i found myself apartment bound due to kinda hurting myself. i pretty much just rested up yesterday because i didn't want to miss out on the chance to see GC + RM for dinner as well as get a peek into GC in "work mode". when GC emailed me about attending a talk with folks from "love and other drugs" that he was going to moderate and indicated that mr. jake gyllenhaal was going to be on the panel, i was honestly more excited about the chance to see GC at work. i've known GC for a long time and he has definitely done some supremely crap-o-la jobs and paid his dues.... eventually moving from sf to nyc....with stints at the nytimes, brooklyn academy of music, and other places before landing at variety. i've seen showings of GC's personal work before, but i'd never had a chance to see him doing something like i was very much looking forward to it. as i have written about before, i always like to be there to see friends making strides with their be supportive....or just be a friendly face in the crowd.

after GC, RM, and i had a lovely dinner at vandaag,

GC + i headed off to the theatre. when we arrived and were ushered into the "back room" where there was all of this odd ball projector equipment, refreshments, and well...frankly....quite famous people like anne hathaway, jake gyllenhaal, and edward zwick....with their handlers.

this is sooooo not my world.

my world is of international technology markets.....well, my work world anyway....and my personal world is food. neither of my worlds includes famous movie people.

so this was weird.

real weird.

i mean, i adore "my so-called life". it is a series that is close to my heart.

yet, this was still really weird.

so i ended up backing myself into one of the projector-thingys and tried as much as possible to disappear...which in all practicality was impossible. not only was there not enough room for anyone to not see anyone else in that tiny space, but i think i was one of only people that wasn't wearing black. at that moment, i remember a comment from a gal in a village boutique i visited earlier who said "you don't dress like you are from around here." yup, you could say that. i was wearing my usual colorful accents. flash forward to me in the projector room when i was wishing that i was wearing drab grey or something that would allow me to BLEND into the background as much as possible. but this stupid whining only lasted for a couple seconds. now, i am a practical person so i had a little pep talk with myself and said, "you are who you are so whatever." so i sucked in a deep breath and pretended i was waiting for muni.

yup, that's right, i acted like i was waiting at a bus know, distracted, day dreaming, half bored, and pretended that there weren't these famous people right in front of me. pretended that they weren't cracking jokes about each other signatures on a poster or noticing the obvious rapport they have with each other. they don't know who i am and they could care less. i didn't want to be rude and intrude upon their space so i made certain i was as far from it as i possibly that tiny space...but still be supportive to GC.

i was pretty relieved when the talk started and we all went into the theatre. i was way more comfortable seeing them all doing the talk then being within direct eye contact distance.
GC was great at moderating and moving the talk along. it was so cool to see him doing this in front of hundreds of people and interacting with the talent. i love seeing my friends being good at what they do, it is just so cool. while i was watching the talk, i realized how the talk itself is a performance. now, i totally get why anne hathaway is famous. she has this charisma, charm, and presence that is very evident in person. i suppose if i had said anything to ms. hathaway tonight, i probably would have asked her something inane but where did she get her shoes? she was wearing these really amazing shoes.

well, time for bed.

nite nite.

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