Wednesday, December 15, 2010


warning: this posting has absolutely nothing to do with food. for those of you who read my blog for the food porn, you should probably just skip this posting altogether.

in isolation, certain things are just silly.

however, when one compounds a series of events, one begins to wonder what the universe is trying to say.

at&t had a 33.33% chance of setting up my dsl to run through the jack in kitchen this evening.

naturally, because the way the kitchen was set up, it means that the power cord for the modem/router would either go across the kitchen sink or the stove.


never mind that at&t had a 66.66% or perhaps 50% chance (depending on whether there are three separate lines in this apartment or just two) of activating the phone jack that wouldn't be a potential fire hazard to my had to pick jack in the kitchen to activate. (note: the pic is a pic of my old kitchen btw....just so that you get a visual to go along with this venting posting).

this is so not going to work. there are three jacks in this apartment, there is really no need for me to have to unplug my internet service every time i want to use the stove or the sink in my kitchen. it is rather idiotic.

so i call at&t customer service and basically push "0" and say "operator" over and over again....because they don't have an immediate link to u-verse and because you can't explain this situation to a voice activated boolean program since my issue doesn't fit within their parameters (not a big shock). yet, when i get a human being on the phone and the initial conversation goes something like this:

rep: "may i have the phone number associated with your account please."
me: "i don't have a phone number with at&t. i have internet only access through u-verse."
rep: "may i have the phone number associated with your account as i need it to access your account."

now, is it possible to make this shit up? if this hadn't happened to me, i would have thought...there is no fucking way that conversation actually happened.

but it so did happen.

there are so many responses that were running through my very frustrated self. anyone and everyone that has gone through automated systems knows exactly what i am talking about....then to finally get a human being and then you get this shit? my response was pretty civil given the circumstances, i said "i don't have a telephone number with at&t but i can give you my u-verse account number" ....which is what any logical person would have asked for having already been told that there is no phone number with the account.

one day, a company will come in and provide a direct and simple service...and they will do that simple service so well....and not "expand" or become "robust" and it will completely take down the conglomerates like at&t, comcast, etc. etc.

there are and will be people like me that will not want all of the "extra" bells and whistles and will be oh so willing to have less "features" and "complexity" for quality....particularly the quality of service....and will keenly remember less than pleasant experiences with the currently large monolithic corporations.....and as a result have no sense of brand loyalty or affiliation. they, like me, will jump as fast as possible with no looking back.

this is not a new idea.

it is the technology version of the "cycle of life".

the simple product/service that meets an exact need extremely well....unsettles the market....creates an upheaval...gains market share....then as it matures and ages...becomes the very monolith that they took down.....and then someone or someones will come along with a simple service that will, in turn, make them expendable or obsolete.

yup, cycle of life.

once upon a time, there was this search engine called google....when all they did was search...remember those days? when they did search so well that it made folks shimmer with excitement? and before google....remember inktomi? i'm totally showing my age here. top dog of search technology until they were knocked off.

one day, a service or technology is going to bring karmic justice to providers like at&t and become a B-school case study regarding of the rise and fall of the monolithic conglomerate that became too unwieldy, out of touch, and was toppled by a more agile in-touch group or technology.

this thought is like a bright spot in the rain.

i hope i get to read that study some day.

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