Tuesday, December 28, 2010

cookie break

i'm actually at my place at the moment....taking a break from work stuff. it is an odd bit of role reversal. since i crashed in hayes valley with the pooch last night, i'm working from my place today. after SN and i left the hapa ramen pop up, i felt my guilt pangs increase as i watched SN w/beezus (i.e., the bender's mascot....just look for her sweatshirt on the wall)....so i ended up crashing in hayes valley. while i like hayes valley, as i have stated before, i am just not hip enough to live there. i'm not an edgy kind of gal and i quite enjoy the neighborhood i live in....my neighborhood.

i love the light in my new place and working from here. it some ways it feels a bit surreal to be in this warm sunny apartment and to hear the sounds of the street in melody with some tunes from one of my pandora stations. right now, there is a mix of miles davis, duke ellington, and gene ammons piping through my pandora. i know that there are many people that don't like the sounds of the city...i'm not one of those folks. i find it comforting. i don't enjoy living in a place that is completely silent. i'm also nibbling on some of the cookies that i snagged from the xmas party put on by DB and the deliciously wicked godfather.

the deliciously wicked godfather bakes these super yummerific chocolate nutty salt sweet cookies. these are my favorite...(the ones on top) which is quite odd in many ways as i usually don't like nuts in my cookies (unless they are ground up finely like in french macarons).

but i remember the first time he baked them, years ago.....and brought them into the office. they've been my favorite ever since. the deliciously wicked godfather loves to cook and is also one of those folks that cook to comfort. i also notice that the times that he and DB have taken care of me, he tries to feed me every couple of hours.

it is very funny.

it almost makes me wish i had a kid for them to spoil.

[disclaimer: please note universe this is not something i'd like to happen in the near future nor it is something i'd like to do on my own. thanks! no need in tempting fate.]

i'm actually surprised that they don't have kids. i think they would make great dads. the deliciously wicked godfather in particular, has the whole nurturing thing down pat...but with a distinct edge. he is a heck of a lot edgier and wittier than i will ever be....and i think it is hilarious how much of a softy he becomes when there is a baby within 20 feet. i remember the time when he met my goddaughter and she just immediately held her arms to be picked up. i don't think she was two yet. he was holding her...patiently listening to her baby talk...and answering her questions....pointing out various things in their home for her to look at.

hmmm, as i re-read what i have just written, i am once again reminded of how food is more than just bodily nutritional sustenance.....well....more than just nutritional sustenance for the foodie hunter anyway.

well, it is back to work for me....until later.

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