Monday, December 27, 2010

food coma - just back from the hapa ramen pop up

i'm laying on the bed, my feet and legs propped on top of the snoring cuddle bear (aka the dog), my stomach is protruding so far out that it looks like i am pregnant (which i am not need for panic)....and i have a silly sappy smile on my face. SN and i paid a visit to the hapa ramen pop up at bar tartine tonight ...

and i had such a good time. not only was it very cool to catch up w/SN but we were able to have some lovely food as well.

i totally over ate.

i have no regrets though.

SN had the ramen as they had never had it before....and it was a big hit. we also split the brussels sprouts which were very tasty. i went for the pig's head with the cabbage, pickles, and mustard seed....

while i enjoyed the pig's head....hopefully lightening won't strike me as i type this out....but i really really liked the cabbage, pickles, and mustard seed. richie has a way with pickles. no doubt. i've noticed this when richie/hapa ramen have offered pickles as a side, or when the homemade pickles were added to sandwiches (i'm still dreaming about that miso braised pork with the pickled peppers sandwich btw), or even the pickle plate at the moma event. hapa ramen know their pickles.

i also had the fried chicken. there was no way i was going to walk out of the pop up that evening and not have the fried chicken....

.....which was crispy, juicy, and delicious. sigh.

by this point, i was pretty full. then the server sold us on splitting a dessert and we picked out the brown rice pudding....

which was seriously good. seriously. i really enjoyed the interpretation with the spice and fruit. a lot. not too sweet....very cozy and comforting yet intriguing (with the spice) at the same time. i kept eating it when i knew i was full. it was something i wish i could have for breakfast with some tea.

in fact, when richie came over, i didn't have a filter on and just said how good i thought it was...and richie suggested that we also try the fudge. the fudge was also very good....but in a different way. it was the kind of dessert that made me want to just study it for a while. the texture and pairing. the sweet and salty. i just wish i had more stomach bandwith to eat more of it.

looks like there was a gal doing pastry tonight and i think she definitely deserves a special shout out. i don't know if she is going to make a regular appearance along side victor (sous) and richie (ahem, chef), but i must say that the pastry offerings were a lovely complement to the savory that richie and victor were putting together.

after we paid the bill, i stopped off at the kitchen to say bye to richie and despite the full house, he looked quite steady and calm. i was also able to give mrs. hapa ramen a hug good bye as well. she was definitely hustling tonight at the front of the house.

as i walked away from their pop up, i was pretty happy for them. hopefully, we'll see more pop ups....or something a bit more....from them in the future.

nite y'all.

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