Saturday, December 18, 2010

journey to my old self

i can feel the events of the past few weeks catching up to me. i slept in a lot later than usual today and stumbled over to the saturday farmers' market since i wanted to ensure that i was able to grab some pasture-raised eggs, veggies, acme upstairs bread, and winter fruit to have on hand over the next few days.

the past few days i've been eating very simply.

my meals and snacks have consisted of kale, beets, other greens, pears, persimmons, apples, cheese, acme bread, eggs, sardines, and brown rice. i always "listen" to what by body tells me....and right is telling me that these are the things that it wants to eat. in fact, certain rich wonderful foods (pork! sausage! bacon!) that i usually salivate over do not hold its usual charms for me. you know, something is off with the foodie hunter when that happens.

i have a feeling that there are all parts of me that are recovering because it is finally ok to do so....and i just need to give myself some time to come back to myself. in the meantime, i will...once thankful that i live in san francisco which provides me with easy access to such wonderful markets and produce.

yet, naturally, i wouldn't be the foodie hunter if i didn't give myself a deadline to come back to myself. not only do i have to make some of my infamous christmas crack for the deliciously wicked godfather's xmas party but i also booked reservations for the hapa ramen pop up at bar tartine on the 27th. i should definitely be back to my old food self by then. yet, the hapa ramen folks are also having the pop up on the 20th as well.

if you are interested in having raman and non-ramen (last time at their pop up at bar tartine there was this amazing fried chicken that i loved) on 12/20 or 12/27 then please feel free to call 415 684 2779 and leave a message regarding your reservation.

well, i've got to get back to work....much stuff to catch up on.

until later....

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