Friday, December 31, 2010

made eater sf list!

this was a bit of a surprise.

four of my pics made the best of eater sf flickr pool:

the first pic is of a visit to the pac heights location of delfina. i've always enjoyed my visits there. i also took a born-and-bred new yorker there and he was very pleasantly surprised. you know how new yorkers are about their pizza. snicker. anyway.

the next pic is of nduja from boccalone (one of the places i visit quite a lot) and nduja is one of my staples. i have some on my fridge right now actually.

the next pic...does it really need an introduction? anyone that has read me regularly since june is well aware of how much food from hapa ramen i've eaten over the past few months and how our friendship has unfolded.

the last pic is the "big mac" from 4505 meats....which was on their "secret" menu and it became a very not so secret item. again, if you've read me or follow my pics on flickr....for the past year or know that i visit 4505 meats on a regular basis. love their stuff....and i always have their chicharrones in my pantry.

having the pics appear on a food industry blog was a nice surprise and a nice way to end the year.

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