Tuesday, December 21, 2010

two kinds of truffles: dragon tea and double maple

i'm winding down for the evening. i've finished up writing up the last of my team's annual performance evaluations. thankfully. at the moment, i can hear the cars glide against the rain slicked streets while i type next to my cityscape view. the sounds of the city are aligned remarkably well with the notes of coltrane exuding from my ipad. my place is filled with a mix of cozy comforting aromas....with a single consistent note...and that is of cotes du rhone red wine. i have a beef onion carrot red wine stew simmering as well as a pear (ahem frog hollow farm) poaching in a melody of red wine, cinnamon, and honey. there is a part of me that thinks the smells shouldn't be so complementary of each other.....but perhaps it is because it is the same wine in both dishes. i didn't originally plan on poaching the pear. i just didn't want to waste the wine....i'm not really a fan of having a buzz on while writing performance evaluations....so hence, poached pear in a mulled wine. i may share pics with you later this week.

instead of stew and pear pics this evening, i'll share with you some pic of my recent truffle-making. these are a different sort of truffles...as i created these specifically for the heart sister's palate. i've made her dark chocolate jasmine tea-infused truffles in the past....but this time, i made her two kinds.....a dragon tea truffle and a maple truffle.

as she is a fan of the darker and significantly less sweet chocolate, i started out with a mix of some pretty dark chocolate.

then added about 6 tablespoons of a very strong (4 tea bags of the mighty leaf dragon tea) and mixed that into the chocolate.

as the chocolate cooled, i created these chocolate lumps, rolled them a bit into some unsweetened cacao powder and then chilled them.

after they chilled for about 10 minutes, i did the final roll in another layer of unsweetened cacao powder.

as for the maple truffle, instead of tea, i added maple syrup to the dark chocolate. i also added a substantial amount of maple sugar to the unsweetened cacao powder as well.

and like the tea truffles, i did a double roll of these truffles into the maple sugar cacao powder mixture. once when wet, then another time after they chilled.

again, these sort of truffles are not for everyone as i made them specifically for the heart sister's palate.

yet, this is how i cook....if i cook for you....i am making something specifically for you.....for how you enjoy food.....for how you approach food....for what your preferences are.....and i am hoping that in that moment of taste....you'll connect with the flavor, approach, and perhaps, have a a reason to be in the moment. a moment of feeling good.

speaking of feeling good, i think it is time to wash up and curl into bed.

until later dear hearts...


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