Sunday, December 19, 2010


this morning, i woke up to my phone buzzing. it was a text message from one of my closest friends regarding when we are going to see tron later this week. after we did a bit of texting, i realized that i had a lot of email messages waiting. i was charging the phone in the bedroom last night while i was working and i didn't realize that there were quite a few messages that come through last night.

after the heart sister left my place last night, fully and appropriately styled for a holiday party with various things from my closet, i concentrated on working and unpacking.... lola, in particular, was trying to help me unpack and organize my food bookshelf...

she was being so helpful. perched just where i wanted to put the escoffier, harold mcgee, and larousse gastronomique. i found another place for them. because, like the song, what lola wants...lola gets. admittedly, when i get into the "zone" i have a tendency to get extremely focused on those tasks. i have a lot of work and unpacking to catch up on, so, it wasn't too much of a surprise this morning that i had a slew of personal messages that i hadn't seen yet. however, there was one particular message that jolted me awake.

it was from the chef.

you know, one of the childhood best friends of my ex-husband. the chef whose place i snuck into and checked out the last time i was in new york. the chef and his wife are among the only people that i miss from my previous life. how could i not miss them? such good people with vivacious energy. the only others i miss from my previous life are my former mother-in-law and her husband....for very different reasons. but that is it.

it is a short list.

i got out of bed and decided that this morning was definitely an intense hot chocolate kind of morning. i made my hot chocolate with 70% cacao disks, cinnamon, cayenne, and whole milk....

then i added the ultimate decadent touch....marshmallows from humphry slocombe.

i was definitely processing and getting all i sat down with my hot chocolate and wrote him back.

ya know, it looks like the next time i'm in new york, i'll be able to walk through the front door say "hi" and it will be all good.

how about that? isn't that so cool?

despite the stormy weather we are having right now in the city, something really lovely and amazing happened this morning. so i have to send a special message to the person who told the chef about my blog

"thank you. i'm in your debt."

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