Tuesday, January 18, 2011

beckoned by the rebel within

yesterday, i saw a retweet/tweet from tablehopper regarding william werner's the "rebel within" that included this link. i have visited his tell tale preserve stand at the ferry building market and have had a private moment of deliciously shameful wicked bliss while eating his coffee bourbon bun...so i already had an indication of how often i will be visiting his place once it opens on maiden lane....yet my eyeballs definitely widened when i saw pics of the "rebel within" on their online journal/website.

what i noticed right away was the color of the egg yolk...and was extremely intrigued. the not so small nerdy part of me was like..."how the heck did they do that?". i knew that i was going to figure out something in order to try it.

it beckoned me....and i decided to answer its call.

i got to the market pretty early and many other vendors were still in the process of setting up.

this is what happens when i have meetings beginning at 1am and the last one ending around 8ish. don't cry for me, i did have a nap in between. also, no lectures either. it is the nature of my job and making certain that my team obtained the support they needed.

anyway, i was pretty excited and bought a couple of the coffee bourbon buns (just because i like them so much. i may share pics of them sometime in another posting. or not.) as well as the "rebel within". then i did a drive by heirloom organic gardens and picked up some rather beautiful wild mountain spinach and then dropped into acme for some upstairs bread before heading work/home in time for another meeting.

it wasn't until much later that i was able to try it....

and it was lovely....just lovely.

the pics i took don't really do it justice. the dough...very light....reminded me of a hybrid of gougere, biscuit, and popover at the same time....with the chunks of tasty sausage and that beautiful egg....

the yolk...almost custardy in texture.


this was a time when being beckoned by the rebel within was a good thing....a very good thing indeed.

i'll be answering that call again.

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