Saturday, January 15, 2011


you will not break me.

you may choose to hurt me.


for motivations that i will never understand nor seek to understand.

for, within me, i will deliberately not understand or fathom why you believe it is ok to do so.

it is not who i have been, who i am, or who i will be.

do what you will. for i know that i cannot control what you decide to do.

yet, i can control how i respond.

cycles end here.

change begins with me.

i refuse to allow your actions turn me into someone that i will not recognize or respect.

perhaps, i should thank you.

so thank you....

for reminding me that i have been through far worse

for reminding me that even as a child, alone, i found a way out through pure defiance, stubbornness, determination, and not listening to anyone tell me that i could not find a way to take care of myself. i forge my own path.

for reminding me that i am no longer a child, not alone, and that defiance of an old soul.....continuously forged and drawn upon....has never gone away.

it is who i am.... integrated, irretrievable, and never to be broken.

bring it on, you fucker, bring it on.

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