Sunday, January 16, 2011


the murky overcast weather has returned this morning.

i noticed the return of the overcast weather when i opened the window blinds in my kitchen and made my au lait. btw....both my chrome shelving and my stainless steel table arrived. after i dragged the various pieces up six flight of stairs (i can almost see the heart sister and AC rolling their eyeballs as i didn't wait for them to help me. of course.) and put everything together, i finally felt settled in my kitchen. as i made my coffee (four barrel today) in a french press and heated some milk (clover),

i could feel a quiet calm of settled purpose come over me. i received some additional unexpected and rather unpleasant news on friday which resulted in my feeling rather defiant at the universe and led to that rather charged posting.

obviously, i am still feeling rather defiant but i know how to channel that energy into something productive. i don't mean to win the battle....i mean to win the war. even at times like this, i can still step back..see the bigger picture....and make strides toward it.

despite everything though, yesterday was a good day.

it is important to have perspective and not forget to appreciate the good moments among the chaos.

as the heart sister, AC, + kids were planning to come into the city yesterday, i made certain that i arrived at the sf ferry building market to grab some things. i ran into a homie and as usual, i quickly exited our conversation once the chef-cook-industry people also wanted to catch up with him. as i have mentioned before, with a couple of rare exceptions, i stay away from folks in the industry. after saying "hey" to the homie, i went to dirty girl to pick up some produce and then hit up 4505 meats and saw that they had a duck scallion sausage on the menu. i'm never married to having "breakfast foods" in the morning. it all depends on how i feel. the duck scallion sausage sounded just delicious and it was.

yet, before i ate it....i...of course....took a few pictures of it...

totally in my zone....thinking about how much i am going to enjoy this beautiful sausage...and then i hear someone call out my real name......a few times....which jolted me out of the zone.

people calling out my name at the market does not happen very often.

i was pleasantly surprised to see that it was mrs. hapa ramen, a sassy vivacious uber cool lady who handles the front of the house stuff right now. she, of course, is one of the rare exceptions of folks in the industry that know who i am. she was heading over to blue bottle. i walked over with her and kept her company while she was grabbing some coffee for herself and her dad. it was great to have a chance to catch up with her and such.

after walking her back to her husband, i ran [insert inside joke here for those of you who were to able to witness this] around, devouring my sausage (4505 really knows how to do meat), and getting the rest of the stuff for the visit with the family.

as soon as i got home, i put some pasture raised eggs on boil, made some cashew butter & honey (marshall farms) sandwiches with acme upstairs bread for the kids and then for the adults i had slices of the upstairs bread with slices of a sheep milk basque cheese. to me, this is "fast food". then when the family arrived, we piled into the car....eating everything...and finished it up while parking in front of the asian art museum. as we are members of sfmoma, yesterday was a reciprocal membership day where we were able to get into the asian art museum for for free.

we were able to visit the tail end of the japanese screen exhibit and the kids made their own screens at the craft table. this one is EC's that she left here....probably on accident.

so as i sit here, looking out on the city and its current dreary weather, i am reminded that despite everything that is happening right now, it is the good moments that help ground me.

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