Saturday, January 29, 2011

leaving the market with a soup belly

you know you are old when you don't spend the friday night partying until 2am but rather at your desk, working on a project because you've got the momentum going, listening to dre streaming through your pandora, and are somewhat wired from sipping a heady concoction consisting of four barrel coffee and condensed milk over ice. i eventually made myself head to bed because i didn't want to sleep through a visit to the ferry building market. if i don't think i can't make it to the ferry building before 10:30 at the absolute latest...then i don't go. i prefer to go when it isn't super crowded. so i was kinda cranky when packed muni buses would pass my stop this morning when i rolled out of the bed to make my way to the market. once i squeezed onto one...i realized what the issue was....i mean, the 1 california is pretty crowded during the weekend mornings is a conduit bus between richmond and chinatown...but today was unusually crowded....and it is because there is an event happening in chinatown.

once i arrived at the market, i got down to business. i ran around picking up some carrots from star route farms, tiny radishes from marin roots (which i was nibbling on as i walked through the market), fruit from frog hollow, greens from dirty girl, chilies from tierra vegetables, and a quince rose syrup from june taylor that i've been wanting to try. then as i made my way toward 4505 meats, i saw that the hapa ramen foks had their stand set up at the market today. i hope that they'll become a regular at the saturday market. after a chat with the always vivacious mrs. hapa ramen and an introduction to a new face that i didn't recognize, haparamen/linecook pipes in with "she's a famous food blogger".....which, naturally, is his good-natured way of giving me shit....and is usually my cue to scamper away as quickly as possible....because i usually keep my identity under wraps as much as possible.

yet, by this point, he's said it so many times, that i've gotten used to it.

not like it is true though.

because it is not.

i'm not famous.

he just likes to say it to try to embarrass me....and he wonders why i will not be introducing him to anyone that i am dating unless i am, like, a thousand percent sure where i stand with said person. i also feel this way about introducing anyone to my deliciously wicked godfather as well...which makes sense. they are both among my favorite rabble rousers.

anyway, i also think linecook saying this is particularly funny given how famous he is....not just for food but also for his blog.......and well...for not being afraid to speak his mind via various social media outlets. also i thought him saying this was funny because there was a chef visiting the stand this morning...who is pretty well known for his blog as well. hence, given the company i was around this morning, i was definitely not the famous one.

so, after i said the goodbyes to the hapa ramen folks, i took my non-famous self and headed over to acme bread....slurping on my warm comforting ramen as i walked.....

i'm getting better at the walking and slurping thing. it involves a lot of drinking from the bowl.

i picked up my usual loaf of acme upstairs bread and made mental note that perhaps i should try their buckwheat bread sometime. i'm actually typing that out here to remind myself later. but today, i wanted my usual upstairs bread because i foresee having upstairs bread, butter, tiny radishes with fleur de sel in my near this evening...and didn't feel like deviating from this vision. i had already grown quite attached to it.

then as i walked outside of the ferry building....i was pretty full from the ramen and could tell that i was going to have a well rounded soup belly for a while. yet, i was in the mood to be a total glutton and stopped off at tell tale preserve stand to get some treats....including a coffee bourbon bun

i do love this bun.

insert wistful sigh here.

this would be my second breakfast of the morning.

as i rode muni back to my place, looking at some random things out of the window.....

yes, those are people walking on stilts.....and just thinking about how much i do love living in this city.


Chelsea said...

OK. I really need one of those buns. I see a trip to the ferry building in my near future!

foodie hunter said...

yeah, i really do love those buns.

btw: they have a stand at the ferry building on tuesdays and saturdays. i think their stand alone store will be on maiden lane in the spring.

look forward to seeing you this weekend!