Sunday, January 9, 2011

simple sunday

i slept in this morning. it was wonderful. as i rolled out of bed (quite literally actually), i shuffled into my kitchen to have something that would require next to no effort. i think we all have these sort of mornings.

i decided to try these whole wheat scones form sconehenge that i bought from my local market.

one of the few things i miss about living in berkeley is having such easy access to berkeley bowl....where i would buy copious amounts of local veggies, cheese, and a fresh individual scone from sconehenge as treat. so when i saw these packaged sconehenge ones at a market down the street, i thought i'd give them a shot.

fyi, the other things i miss about berkeley are the proximity to those that i love in east bay, guerilla cafe, comic relief, other change of hobbit, twig and a fig, and the thursday berkeley farmers market (i.e., easy access to riverdog farm produce + eggs, octoberfeast pretzel croissants, phoenix pastificio, etc.).

it is a short list.

anyway, it wasn't until i also grabbed the bellwether farms creme fraiche and the frog hollow apricot conserve that i realized i was having a breakfast of locally made goods.

funny how that works out without even realizing it.

as i spooned some creme fraiche and conserves onto the scone and took pictures,

i was also thinking about how i am very much looking forward to the stainless steel table and shelves that will be arriving soon. the kitchen is driving me crazy at the moment. you know that you are old when you get excited about a stainless steel table. i am very excited about this table. i am excited that the kitchen will be more workable for me with once it is here. i have a feeling, dear readers, you'll be seeing a whole lot of the table in this blog. i'm actually looking forward to the table more than i am to the bed that should arrive soon as well. i'm sleeping on a new mattress on the floor...which is why i was able to literally roll out of bed this morning.

then i took my breakfast to my office area, settled in, munching on my scone....

looking out on the city view, and checking out what was happening on the various social media outlets, i was thinking how nice it was....just a simple sunday moment.

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