Tuesday, January 11, 2011

wanting to forget for a moment

i'm pretty buzzed.

it has been a rough couple of days.

the short story is....

someone is trying to steal my identity. they've been opening credit cards and even opened up a checking and savings account at a bank. police are involved. lawyers are involved. i've done the research. i now have an excel spreadsheet that is tracking everything. i will do what is necessary to cooperate with law enforcement in the various counties. i will make a complaints to the ftc and the ic3.

i suspect that it is the same people (or are colleagues) that did the burglary and check fraud.

this is not something that is going to be resolved quickly. but, i will do what i need to do to protect myself. i am rather stubbornly tenacious and can be very patient.

it still sucks though and i needed to blow off some steam.

i met SN at the attic for bourbon and then we wandered over to heart (see top pic). kitchenette and hapa ramen were offering some tempting morsels at heart this evening.....and i dearly wanted to try the chicken ramen from hapa ramen.

it is a new offering. i hope that it makes it into the regular rotation. the broth was excellent and i love the chicken skin that was used as an accent. we also had an assortment of pickles.
i think we all know how much i love pickles and they definitely know how to do them. the miso, cucumber, and garlic plate (also very good) was from kitchenette...yet, everything else we had that night was from hapa ramen.

the relatively new gal in the hapa ramen kitchen (who i won't name because i don't have her permission to do so...i gotta ask her about that) also had these lovely sweets on the menu. i think she has a nice hand with the spice. she was also the one that did the brown rice pudding at the hapa ramen pop up at bar tartine that i loved so much.

overall, it was just what i needed....to forget the crappiness that is going on right now. i really needed a moment to forget and just hang out with a loved one (btw thanks SN for treating me to dinner!), say "hiya!" to the hapa ramen folks in their kitchen set up, and have some lovely comfort food.

so, thank you everybody, for giving me that moment.

kay, i'm going to go fall into bed.



Su-Lin said...

Oh noooo... I hope you beat those thieves! Grrr...

foodie hunter said...

thanks much su-lin for the support! i hope so too.