Wednesday, January 5, 2011

we'll see

i'm finishing up a break from work and i thought i'd write a quick posting before i delve back into a project for a few hours. my physical mobility is still a bit compromised. yet, thankfully, i have the leftover kale and potato soup which i had for lunch today (see top pic). to make it a bit different, i added some habanero hot sauce to it. it was a nice kick and fit my mood. also, i decided to revisit some of the work of julia wertz during my break today. i've written some thoughts about julia wertz in november 2009...and i bought "drinking at the movies" from mission comics when it came out.....

i have a feeling i'll be following her work for some time. the reason why she came to mind recently was because she posted a comment on my flickr page regarding a picture i took of one of her comics appearing at think coffee on bleeker/bowery.

here is a link to the image/comment:

i remember when i walked into think coffee that night......i put in my order for one of the single origin coffees and patiently waited for my coffee to be ready. while i was waiting, i was side-stepping those folks whose orders were up....and it was during this side-stepping that i noticed a very familiar style on their counter..

i knew right away who the author of that comic was. it totally made me smile and i remember tweeting about it too while i waited. later, i posted it to my flicker page and named it "julia wertz at think coffee in nyc".

i really wasn't expecting her to see it.

yet, she has.

so i'll suppose we'll see if the pic shows up here or here...which are her web sites.

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