Saturday, January 22, 2011

"why does it matter?"

i'm getting ready to head out to meet up with some loved ones at bar agricole for the evening but before i headed out, i wanted to share with you something that i've been thinking about the last couple of days. i was going to share it with you yesterday after i paid a visit to humphry slocombe and write about it over coffee at haus ...but alas, haus had some kind of filming thingy going on. i quickly turned around and exited one of my favorite coffee haunts (they do ritual coffee...and there is a barista there who pulls a nice cappuccino) after i saw that was going on.

yet, i'll take the moment now.

friday was a rather intense day....another intense day in a series of intense days that will not likely end for a while. by the time the meetings and such were done, i had decided it was a humphry slocombe day. when i arrived at humphry slocombe, one of my favorites was on duty....he is always friendly and nice. i don't know how my favorite folks at humphry slocombe stay nice. they have to deal with some crap-o-la people which makes me appreciate the ones that stay nice even more. also, interestingly enough, one of my other favorites popped into the front which was a i thought he left for another job. i guess he's back. then it was, like a red letter day moment, when i saw the owners load up their car...which i would later realize via twitter that they were likely making a delivery to mcevoy at the ferry building. the mcevoy olive oil ice cream flavor is one of my faves.

this is what you get to see when you visit humphry slocombe during off hours and don't have to stand in line.

one of these days i may go up to mr. jake godby and say how much i truly adore his creations...and how i turn to his creations time and time again for comfort, laughter, or intellectual stimulation....but probably not.

i'll probably just let my pictures continue to speak for themselves.

like the dreamsicle (tangerine swirled with creme fraiche)....

just yummy.

as i sat there, licking away at the dreamsicle scoop (yes, i do that sometimes...just hold the cup and lick away)....i was thinking about a conversation i had with someone at the bank regarding the identity theft that is still going on. i am pretty organized about it all and trying to ensure that the various law enforcement outposts and agencies are aware of what is going on. i know all about cross-silo communication.

the bank lady asked me "why does it matter?" when speaking about the third police report that i will be filing this weekend...outside of san francisco this time. i paused when she asked me that question. she was genuinely curious and hadn't run into anyone as organized i was about this....and as determined that all agencies have the same info.

it matters because these thieves are very organized.

i'm obviously not their first target or their last. they have been able to get away with this for quite sometime. it matters because i have a very strong feeling that they have targeted people that, perhaps, as i am finding out.....were not in a position to connect the dots for various law enforcement agencies....or perhaps some of the others that have been victimized have given up...because they don't have the resources....or even know about the existence of the resources. also, in comparison to narcotic deals or homicides....economic theft and identity theft of everyday folks such as myself is not a high priority given resources at certain local law enforcement agencies.

there is no bitterness here btw. this is just a fact of life. but this doesn't mean that i just sit at home and twiddle my thumbs and do nothing to fight back.

legally that is.

i told her that i am in the position in my life where i am able to do this. i have the kind of job where i may work until the wee hours of the morning but it also means that i can take a couple of hours off in the middle of the day. i have some skills at organization, research, and navigating bureaucracy....and well... i am can also be a bit driven and determined at times.

so for me, it matters.

for me it matters to build up a paper trail that records what they have done and how they have done it. it builds up a paper infrastructure......or a paper "net" so that as they continue to do their illegal enforcement agencies will be able to build a bigger picture of what they have done....perhaps big enough to be put on their radar.

also, tangible evidence leads to prosecution.

if the paper trail i create can help...sometime in the prevent this from happening to someone else...then for me, it matters.

after listening to my frank assessment and revealing a bit more about my personality than she was probably prepared to hear, she said "so, what you are saying is that you are doing this because you think your voice stands for, say, 60-something or more people that don't have the resources to fight, or say that this is happening to them."


as cheesy as that sounds.

how the fuck is this fun? talking to strangers, relating things that have happened, tracking details, proving that i am who i say that i am and not these fuckers who are pretending to be me. most of is admitting that this is actually happening to me.... to say that i am a victim.


fuck on that shit. i am not a victim. i totally resent feeling like i am in that position.

so i fight back....using the skills that i have.

after the discussion with the bank lady ended, it wasn't until a few hours later that i realized why she asked me these things. a few hours later, she sent me an email indicating that she did some calling and digging around on her own....and found out that some kiosks have pictures of where some of the illegal activity occurred and some other details that will be very useful.

this info was completely unexpected and unasked for. this wasn't the first conversation i've had with this bank lady btw. yet, there must have been something about the last conversation that struck a nerve...for her to do this extra digging....and take these extra steps.

this is why it matters....because despite the worst i've seen in people during these past couple of months...i'm also...unexpectedly....seeing some of the best of others. people....loved ones....strangers....some friends of friends... that are taking an extra step to help...who don't have to...but decide to do so....because they can.

so, yeah, it matters.

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