Tuesday, February 22, 2011

before my brain turns to mush


it is difficult to believe that it is only 7:30..and that it is only tuesday. i'm sitting here at my makeshift desk, sipping on another one of my random cocktail experiments (i.e., meyer lemon juice, meyer lemon peel, maple syrup, hudson baby bourbon, and pelligrino), and will be delving into my light dinner before doing something super decadent like cuddling up with my pets and watching star trek.

oh such a wild and glamorous life i lead. i suppose my life could be more exciting. i could be, i don't know, an international corporate spy for example. chortle.

anyway, in all semi-seriousness, i am rather excited about being done with work for the evening. yet, not excited enough to make anything complicated for dinner. actually, what i am having for dinner is something i've been having for lunch for a few days now. it consists of toasted acme bread (usually their sweet baguette), japanese mayo, soy sauce, homemade spicy sichuan pickles, and sliced up gio lua.

i don't have pics of of sandwich i am eating right now, yet, i did take some yesterday when i had this for lunch. the pics are of the acme pain d'epis instead of the sweet baguette though....

the acme pain d'epis is a great bread for mini sandwiches. it is also an excellent size for toasting up and having with nutella for breakfast btw. just sayin. anyway.....i'm finding this kind of sandwich hits the spot especially when i have my head wrapped up in a work project. i also love that i'm finding all of these different ways to eat homemade pickles. when i made this for the heart sister as a snack during our "henna day", i wonder if i sparked her curiosity about making homemade pickles as well. we'll see i suppose.

before i sign off to begin my uber lazy slothlike evening, i wanted to let you know that tablehopper launched deep dishing. i really love the idea of deep dishing. when i received the invite from the sassy and wickedly funny ms. tablehopper re: the beta, i was excited to participate because of the idea.....the idea of building a positive interactive community around the food that people love to eat.

how could i not love this idea?

it is aligned with my own personal ethos re: how i write about food in this blog. also, given the sf bay area is such a haven for food and technology....this fills a much needed gap.....an interactive community that is focused on the love of food. i can't wait to see it grow and flourish. i have a lot of respect for people that pursue their passions and make something happen. i gotta give her props!

well, i can already feel the effects of my bourbon cocktail...my brain is getting all mushy. i'm such a lightweight. sigh. time to go be lazy.

until later dear hearts.


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