Thursday, February 3, 2011

bright spots

so things are rather intense at the moment. yet, i knew i wanted to stop by the ferry building to try the hawaiian style plate from the folks at hapa ramen, so i tried to arrange my meeting schedule to give me some time to drop by. on saturday, linecook/hapa ramen mentioned that it may be on the menu today and it was confirmed once i saw the tweets. i started day dreamin about it as a bright spot to the day. yes, i do that a lot.

after my first slew of morning meetings today and i was getting ready to head to the market to pick up one of the hawaiian style plates, i also checked my email and saw that recchiuti was offering a treat for their established loyalty members. they are offering a single serving of their hot chocolate pistoles.....

this is a cropped version of what appeared in my email. i say cropped i am really going to have my identity stuff appear in this blog...hence...all of my personal info gets cropped out of the screen shot.

is it cheating to know that i already love their hot chocolate pistoles? i've already written about them before and i always have some in my pantry....always....along side with blocks of valrhona and el rey. i like having an assortment of chocolate to choose from when making my hot chocolate beverages.

so when i arrived at the sf ferry building, i hit up recchiuti first to buy myself a box of their C3 (one of my faves) and the pick up the member giveaway. i must say, that i really like being a part of the recchiuti loyalty program. the last time was a chocolate bar. so this was my first bright spot of the day.

then, i stopped over at the hapa ramen stand to order and buy their hawaiian style lunch plate. again, is it cheating to already know that you are going to like something? i already had a feeling that i was going to like this because when they have done fried chicken at a couple of their previous pop ups, it was usually among one of my faves of the evening. after saying "hi!" to some of the hapa ramen folks, i took my plate....

and then caught the muni back home. i did do a bit of nibbling though as i waited for the bus which is why it looked like this when i got back home to finish what i had started....

sigh. i do like their interpretation of the hawaiian plate. there is a lovely tangy savoriness to the macaroni salad with the occasional crunch of a picked radish. the mayo includes slow cooked eggs and house cured pancetta btw. this is not the typical americana macaroni salad, but from my perspective something different...a hybrid of influences....that produces nuances of something familiar...yet still being unique. as for other aspects of the plate....the fried chicken is crispy and tender...and yummy.

as i was finishing up the plate, part of me wondered how much shit they are going to get for this plate....since hawaiian plates are comfort food....and some folks get really really really attached to comfort food. yet, the fact that the folks at hapa ramen are constantly pushing themselves while making tasty deliciousness is one of the reasons why i am a fan ...well before i met any of them.

well, i gotta get my head back in the game. i'll probably show everyone some shots of my rechuitti purchases later, as i will definitely be diving into that today as well. it is nice to have some bright moments today.

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