Friday, February 25, 2011

cool things happening with cool people

fridays have become rather intense meeting days. when it is 5am, i'm sitting at my desk in the dark, the room being lit by my computer monitor and street lamp lights.....admittedly, i'm thinking, isn't this kinda early? i'm not a baker. on the flip side though, by the time 1pm comes around, i am so ready to take a break and i feel like i still have quite a bit of the day left. as i was getting ready to head to haus to get away from my place and do some work in a different environment, i saw over my twitter that the humphry slocombe folks are working on a book. i couldn't help but grin. they tweeted that the book will contain recipes and be a "tell-all". they also mentioned that paolo lucchesi (formerly of eatersf and now of insidescoop) will be working with them on the project.

i think this is amazingly wonderful.

i don't know the circumstances on how this deal came about....but if it was an acquisition editor that approached them about the project....then, i must tip my imaginary hat to the acq ed that figured out the potential opportunity that this book would bring to the market. there was also a part of me that thought..."about time". i'm surprised that some editor hasn't hit them up sooner. or maybe one already has and it wasn't the right fit. regardless, i think it is great that this is happening.

first off, there is the product. i think anyone that has read me (or visited my shrine on my flickr page) for the past couple of years is well aware of how much i love eating their ice cream and other sweets such as the delicious duck fat pecan pie. the flavor pairings from humphry slocombe never fail to invoke something within me.....whether it be laughter, feelings of comfort, wonder, appreciation of some of the sneaky sly subversiveness, ....oh so so so many things....that i always look forward to stepping up to the case and seeing what they have on the menu that day. their small shop is one of my go-to sanctuaries.

then there is the story of the small business owners making things happen in san francisco and getting national coverage. i'm not going to go into it here, but if you follow the mainstream press (i.e., nytimes for example), their presence on social media outlets, etc... you can get a flavor of who these people are and the hint that there must be a story there. hence, it will be fascinating to read about their story from their perspective.

then there is the fact that they are really nice. i've never "outed" myself to anyone on the staff, but i've gone to the shop and events often enough to be able to see many of them deal with a lot of assholes and seen many examples of them just being nice people.

i remember when a well known food blog that i'm not going to name....tried to create some kind of "thingy" between them and bi-rite (which is another fave of mine... um, hello...salted caramel ice cream!) and the humphry slocombe folks squashed any notion of a media-created-pseudo-rivalry. when they did that, it made them respect them even more....not just for the product they produce but how they handled that situation.

then, there was today.

i decided to stop in for my ice cream fix (i wanted to try the honey thyme flavor) before i headed to haus to work....

and i saw the smitten ice cream gal at the front counter. i was surprised to see her. i recognized her from the october 2009 SF hearts the Cart does not forget a gal like this. she created this rather awesome machine that uses molecular gastronomy to create ice cream. this appealed to the nerd in me quite a bit. she was also really gracious that night with some people that were actually quite rude. i remember even commenting about that on the pics of her (and that super cool machine) i took that night. recently, i've seen references in the press that smitten will be showing up in hayes valley and look forward to when she goes live with that. yet, it was still a bit surreal to see her in humphry slocombe...and you know what the folks were talking about? one of the owners was giving her advice on the payment system through the ipad.

how nice is that? see.... them good people.

yes, i was blatantly eavesdropping.

i do that a lot.

yet, it makes me grin to know that cool things like book deal opportunities are happening with the cool folks at humphry slocombe. they make such deliciously lovely sweets and i'm sooooo looking forward to buying their book when it comes out.

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