Sunday, February 20, 2011

henna kind of day

i'm about to head off to bed but wanted to take a moment to share a bit about the day. the heart sister wanted to try a completely natural henna indigo hair color experiment....with body art quality henna and indigo. it was quite an event and can completely understand how this is a two-person job for one head of hair. it also gave me an opportunity to consider whether i will go down this route as well. i'm pretty certain that when my hair gets to about 15-20% gray i will be seriously considering the hair coloring route....and ideally it would be nice to do something that doesn't hurt my hair or involve formaldehyde.

before we started on the hair though, i threw together a rather random lunch of soba noodles tossed with soy sauce, sesame oil,
furikake, and rice wine vinegar. i also shredded some homemade spicy carrot pickles to add to the mix......

as well as some sliced up gio lua

it was a random throwing together of things i had on hand but it helped get us through the next few hours while the henna indigo experiment went underway.

while we were doing her hair, i thought it was rather funny that i was participating in this because i think the last time i was in a salon was years ago..... and it was because i was waiting on the couch for her to get done. i wasn't a customer. i think the last time i was a customer in a salon was well over a decade or so ago. i'm not really the kind of gal that goes to get her hair or nails done. i'm not good with sitting down for that long while someone fiddles with my hair, fingers, or feet.

from start to finish, the henna indigo experiment was probably about 4-5 hours, which is actually pretty short when you consider that two+ hours of that was waiting for it to just soak into the hair. there is also something a lot more relaxing about doing it at home when you can play your own tunes, have wifi access, and do this all with privacy.

after the waiting time was done and the appropriate measures were taken to get it all washed out, we got ready to grab a bite to eat. as linecook/hapa ramen was a guest chef at sebo this evening, we decided to pop in to see if we could grab a seat.

as we were on muni making our way to hayes valley, i felt really old when i turned to the heart sister and asked "do people really go out to eat on sunday night in the city?". i was trying to anticipate how crowded it would be. it shows you how much i know...or how little i know. typically, on weekends, i don't got "out" to eat during the evenings. those are usually "eat in" at friends/loved ones homes or if i am out in the evenings it is because SW or someone else has booked reservations month(s) in advance for a group of us to eat somewhere (i.e., contigo, bar agricole, plum, etc. etc.). i usually reserve my impromptu "going out" nights for during the week when i'm assuming the restaurants aren't as crowded. i'm anti-social like that. as it was about 8ish by the time we walked into sebo, i wasn't surprised when the nice lady at the front of the house indicated the wait was going to be an hour or so.

alas, since the heart sister and i were already super hungry and she also had to get back to the kiddies as well....we decided to grab a bite to eat elsewhere. as we walked outside to catch a cab, she asked me if i wanted to at least say "hi" to the hapa ramen folks and was a bit surprised that i said that i didn't think that would be a good idea. yet, once i explained that i didn't want to do that because it may be interpreted like i was trying to jump the line or something like that (which seems yucky)..... especially since we weren't in the position to wait....she understood my reasoning.

we found a cab within a couple of minutes (hayes valley is good like that), made our way to fillmore, and tried out a local low-key indian restaurant to finish out our day.....and it was a truly lovely day. i think that my favorite moments were the ones filled laughter, jokes, and disbelief over the henna experiment ......but i think we'll get better with it over time. sometimes it isn't about the activity itself....but rather who you get to spend the activity time with that really matters.

well, must get to bed. technically, it is a school night.

until later dear hearts....


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