Wednesday, February 16, 2011

a moment with focaccia

yup. i'm dog sitting.

can't you tell? this one is a short stint though. i'm currently working from a loved one's place in hayes valley and once the sun came out, i took an opportunity to take the cuddle monster for a walk and a swing by the blue bottle kiosk. appropriately, the cuddle monster was doing his usual friendly flirty self and managed to maneuver himself into getting some pets from one of the folks behind the counter. i'm actually not surprised. the blue bottle hayes valley kiosk is very dog friendly...there are even doggie treats in a bucket in front the machine.

before i delve back into markets and differentiators for work though, i wanted to take a moment to tell you about a liguria bakery....a place that i've been going to for years. it is at 1700 stockton street in north beach. these days, i usually don't make it a habit of going into north beach (hello tourists!). but years ago, i used to work within walking distance and it was nice to take a walk, visit liguria bakery, go to city lights, or grab a drink after work at tosca. these days i no longer go to that neighborhood on a regular basis.

yet, yesterday, i had to drop off some paperwork at my tax guy who's office is in north beach. while i was supremely tempted to visit comstock saloon (it is on my list of places i want to try....or more accurately.... there is a dish that i've been want to meet....."hello...the beef shank and bone marrow pot pie! i will eat you someday!"), i didn't have enough time to visit. i only had time to get something togo from north beach so i decided to pop into liguria bakery on the off chance that they'd still have some goods left.

amazingly enough, they still had pizza left. so i happily bought a slab.

it is a very humble place. when you walk in, there is nothing fancy about it. after you place your order, there is almost a grace about how the liguria bakery folks move when they package it up in simple paper and tie it with a string.

it is $5 for a slab of focaccia....flavors include raisin, garlic, pizza (tomato sauce wth green onion), and mushroom. the focaccia is quite lovely and anytime when i hear the word focaccia, my mind usually thinks of "liguria bakery". how's that for brand association? i've been noshing on it for years.

i remember being a teenager, being especially excited about the raisin focaccia, stepping into the park next door with my warm slab, and immediately ripping into the soft pillowy wonderfulness of the bread. i have many lovely memories eating their bread. so right now, i suppose i'm creating yet another memory. the apartment currently smells of warmth, bread, and i'm reheating up some of it in the oven. when i took it out, i could feel myself sigh with anticipation....

it is very good reheated the next day.

well, must get my head back into the work game. until later.....

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