Wednesday, February 9, 2011

never forget to dance


it sucks ass right now.

why lie? why try to wrap it in a pretty bow?

i'm not one to be afraid to confront harsh truths. also, just because i can see people maneuvering to do potentially damaging and manipulative things....doesn't mean i actually want to be proven right.

i'd much rather be proven wrong.

in times like these, i find that it is important to not miss the good moments. the good moments keep everything else from seeming overwhelming.

there were definitely some good and lovely moments at CK's house for dinner the other night. maybe one day....CK will extend and open up her version of underground dinners and you too....may experience what an amazing cook CK is. she really is you know....quite amazing....and an example of how one's passions show through one's food. also, her food is a rather fascinating balance between intellectual references, comfort, experimentation, and tailoring the food to whom is at the table. she doesn't do it professionally....which translates to lots of lovely moments for her friends and loved ones.

i was fully aware of how the meal was aligned with my taste buds....from the continuous red wine pairings throughout dinner, the silky succulent rillettes with two types of homemade pickles! everyone who knows me....knows about my pickle the main dish featuring a deep fried soft boiled egg.....

with lightly sauteed frisee...more of a quick toss in the pan really... (with bacon of course), braised lentils, and parsnip puree. then there was a delicious cheese course and second dessert with earl grey tea ice cream, blood orange compote, with a tuille.

it was a meal that was comforting, fascinating in textures, a stimulation of palate, and subtle pairings.

bacon and eggs indeed. [inside joke]

it was also a meal that didn't lack in certain challenges....for example, peeling soft boiled eggs, breading them in panko bread crumbs, and then deep frying them....

resulted in quite a few lost eggs in the process due to breakage at various stages. yet, CK pulls this all off with confidence in the kitchen while i am dancing with a young'un in the kitchen.

yup, while CK was making the meal i was literally dancing with a young'un in the kitchen....not really even thinking about was spontaneous and not even entered my consciousness as i was just in the moment...happy and excited about the food being prepared, absorbing the smells throughout the kitchen, catching up with CK, and dancing.

i actually didn't even think about the dancing part until one of the other guests outside of the kitchen brought it up. i had honestly forgotten that they were even there. well, i didn't forget that AB was there as she and i traveled to the east bay together and it was great to catch up with her as well...but i did forget that there was someone there that i didn't know.

yet, being so wrapped up in the moment.... that it is what it means to be around those that we care about doesn't it? and knowing that an amazing cook took quite a lot of time and thought into the preparation and execution of a meal that put her passion on a plate.

how could something like that not be a burst of brightness?

no matter what happens, i hope to never forget to appreciate these moments....and never forget to dance.

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