Saturday, February 26, 2011


i'm taking a quiet moment before i head over to a loved one's place and then we'll be going to canteen for dinner. i'm looking forward to the evening quite a bit. at the moment, i'm having a snack.....a decadent one at that. my snack is a duck fat pecan pie from humphry slocombe....and to make it even more decadent, i added a large dollop of creme fraiche from bellwether farm.

so delicious. so much pleasure. hmmmmmmmm. so tasty.

as i am nibbling, i'm thinking a lot about passion....

or specifically, the lack of passion.

after hanging out with someone today i realized how much i take my passions for granted.....or perhaps, what i take for granted is knowing what my passions are....and that there will be passion in my life. always. this, for me, is non-negotiable. my passions are tightly woven into who i am. the strengths of my passions aren't any less in private or in a public forum such as this blog. they are what they are. they are me.

i forget this sometimes.... that others don't feel the same....or even comprehend what i am even talking about...because they honestly don't know.

despite being an uber analytical obviously left-brain driven person, pursuing one's passion is unquantifiable. actually, i should own that statement. the pursuit of my passions and my passions themselves are unquantifiable. they are not something to be weighed and measured. they are not something that follows or is aligned to a ROI (i.e., return on investment) model. my passions are not about ROI. my passions are about joy, love, obsession, learning, discovery, and pleasure. for me, i have faith (another non-measurable non-weighable) that i will always have passion in my life. i will always discover new things. i will always learn. i am excited that there are a zillion things about life that i don't know, haven't learned, and that the possibilities to discover new passions are endless.

for how dreary would life be? to not feel these amazing highs? to stop learning? to stop discovering? to not feel such pleasure?
to not feel alive?

there is a difference between subsistence and living.

i decide to live.

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