Thursday, February 24, 2011



i've been buzzing away on some work stuff since about 7am this morning. i'm trying to finish up a few things so that i can try to stop into sf moma tonight for the meatpaper event in the sf moma blue bottle cafe on the roof. also, it is member preview day for a new exhibit and i'd like to take advantage of that as well. for days like this, i'm glad that i have certain staples in my fridge that i assemble together for random lunches. for those of you who have been with me from the beginning of this blog, you are likely already are very familiar with my random lunches thrown together with what is in my kitchen at that moment.

at anytime you look in my fridge, you will see a pot of cooked grains and a cache of braised greens (i.e., different sorts of kale, collards, mustard, dandelion, etc...whatever looks good at the market). i find these staples in my fridge are a *must* as these two types of foods enable me to use as a base for many different kind of impromptu lunches. also, given the way my homemade pickling experiments are going (which i will blog about at another time), i think i will also have another staple to add to my repertoire. hurray for pickles! quick lunch today included 3 regular staples plus random things i had in my fridge: brown rice, kale, homemade spicy pickled carrots, braised lentils, and some sliced gio lua.

it was actually quite pretty.

i do like to have cooked lentils/beans on hand, but it doesn't appear as often in my fridge as the grains and greens. the reason why i have the braised lentils right now is because after i braised the kale....i remember looking at the liquid left from braising the kale....and thought..."hey! i bet i could braise lentils in this liquid! why waste all of this flavor!"....and just added about a cup of lentils and put the pot back on the stove to simmer away while i was working on my computer.

being able to cook staples like greens, grains, and lentils is definitely one of the benefits of working from home. i do a lot of simmering, braising, and roasting......techniques that allow for me to step away from the kitchen and make strides toward cooking while i'm frantically typing away on my computer or having a work conversation via speaker phone.

while i sectioned off everything into nice piles for the pics above....that isn't really how i ate it. this is actually how i ate it....

which had the kale, lentils, and rice mixed together.....then topped it all off w/some soy sauce and furikake.

there are many things i can make for lunch over the next few days with these staples.....for example, i did consider sauteeing the rice + kale with some green onion, egg, fish sauce, soy sauce, homemade pickled chilies, gio lau....and having the pickled carrots on the side..... but, then dismissed that option for another time as i didn't have enough time to fry everything up. there is also the potential to heat up some clarified butter, throw in some cumin seeds so that they sizzle away in the hot butter, maybe some minced garlic as well, and pour that on top of reheated lentils and eat the yummy lentils with rice and kale as sides. or, i could put the rice, kale, and lentils with some water/chicken broth ....maybe chop up a potato....or onion....add/crush some home dried sage and/or other herbs.....and simmer that quickly for a soup.

see what i mean about staples? so many potential yummy things to make using the staples as a base.....

well, must dash off.....until later dear hearts.


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