Thursday, February 10, 2011

winding down for the night

hmmmm. i think tonight is going to be a "going to bed early" night. i'm sipping one of my random cocktail experiments (hudson baby bourbon, yuzu juice,
quince + rose syrup from june taylor, candied yuzu peel from june taylor, and pellegrino) to help wind down.

my first meeting starts at 6am tomorrow. this should be interesting. this whole week has been presenting at early morning meetings. while i wasn't able to really leave my place to take a break today, i was able to pop out yesterday for a couple of breaks in between working on some projects. the first break was to check out Jane, a new coffe/cafe place on fillmore.

i've been curious about the place since i had seen the reference via
Paolo Lucchesi's inside scoop re: Jane's upcoming opening. it would be nice to have another go-to place for coffee/cafe a bit closer to where i live instead of going to the mission all of the time. i like what they have done with the space. i have a feeling that i'll be checking out the counter seating area when they get a bit more crowded. i didn't sit there when i paid a visit as i kinda wanted to sit as far away from the folks that worked there as much as possible, almost to give the illusion of privacy i suppose.

i doodled in my journal and played with my ipad while sipping the lovely four barrel cappuccino. i noticed that quite a few people wandered in from the neighborhood to ask questions while i was there but it didn't take long for me get into a zone and tune the people out. i wrote and doodled about things going an effort to get a few things out. after about a half an hour, i felt refreshed thanks to the break away and the coffee and then stopped into OTD on bush to get a quick bowl of soup before heading home to work for a few more hours. i knew there were a few things i needed to get done before meeting up with a loved on in hayes valley for a drink later.

grabbing a drink at absinthe would be the second break of the evening. what a pair we were....both pretty exhausted from the with my blood and sand (i wanted to try something with scotch) ... and he with his bourbon cocktail. i think due to the tiredness combined with the alcohol made for some interesting and rather random conversations filled with each of us taking turns at giving each other shit one moment to rather sincere commentary about things at other moments...with some lecturing at each other in between. i guess that is what happens when you've been friends with someone for over a decade...your conversations are all over the place.....and well, he is on my very short list of people i he gets a lot more leeway and he knows it.


well, i must get to night all...until later.

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