Saturday, March 26, 2011

back in town

after traveling for about 22 hours, i arrived into sf late last night. once i entered my place....i had a quick chat with the heart sister, took care of the pets, and then promptly fell into bed. when i awoke this morning, i had a moment of "should i or shouldn't i" go to the farmers market today. i really wasn't in the mood for any major crowds....yet, as i peeked outside one of the windows i realized that the crappy ass weather probably kept a lot of folks away. i also thought it would be nice to pick up some veggies, acme bread, and get back in the routine of being home.

once i arrived to the market, i found it less populated that usual....there were less vendors as well as less folks touristy folks. i quickly did my rounds at dirty girl, marin roots, star route, tierra vegetables, 4505 meats, and june taylor. with each visit, i felt a little bit more spirits i am reminded once again why i love living here so much.

then i entered the main building to pick up some bread at acme....and the acme line was a lot shorter than usual as well. as it was so relatively quiet i decided to stop into il cane rosso for a sit down breakfast. il cane rosso
is one of my faves in the ferry building. i do enjoy il cane rosso quite a bit...the food is comforting, hearty, and tasty....but i usually visit it on a non-farmers market day. yet, because it was significantly less crowded this morning, i thought i'd take advantage......i ordered the egg sandwich with a french press of blue bottle coffee and took some random pics from my seat.

i also texted homie/linecook/richie to see if he was at the market while i was waiting for the food to arrive. apparently i walked past him w/my ipod on full blast recently and was quite rude (i didn't say hi...because i didn't hear/see him. my bad.)...and wanted to make certain that if he was around it would be great to catch up and see how he + the mrs. are doing. plus i was super curious about how the pop up at bar tartine last monday went. i was rather bummed that i was out of town and not able to go. fortunately, he showed up around the same time as my sandwich .....

and it ended up being a two-fer as susanna ok was also at the market and she grabbed a seat as well. i haven't named susanna before because i wanted to get her permission first....which she granted today. susanna is on the hapa ramen crew and was the one behind that lovely rice pudding with coconut milk, cardamon, and citrus at their pop up at bar tartine last dec. i have also written about some of her other tasty contributions to the hapa ramen menu as well. it was from susanna that i learned something new about the hapa ramen crew this morning. i had no idea that hapa ramen have business cards and here is a shot of the one that susanna gave to me today

their business cards have different pics on them.....sort of like trading cards. my guess is that the pics on the business cards came from beer & nosh or dotben (just wanted to make certain i give appropriate credit/props for whomever took the shots). i'm glad that i had the chance to catch up with them while i chowed down on my sandwich and sipped on my blue bottle coffee. it made for a lovely morning at the market.

it is good to be back.

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