Saturday, March 12, 2011

collecting deliciousness

i'm heading to the uk soon and not only am i preparing myself work-wise, i'm trying to collect moments of deliciousness to carry with me. moments that i can day dream and refer help offset some of the anticipated unpleasantness that is going to happen during my upcoming trip.

i've been doing things like hitting up OTD on bush for breakfast and THANK the gawds that my fav person was working the bar. i haven't seen her in a long time...prob because i've been going to OTD later in the afternoons so not only did i get to have my tea, pork bun....

and chicken porridge.....

i was able to experience someone who seems to instinctively know when i am ready for the next course and does service with a friendly elegance. it is rather soothing.

then of course, there are my typical jaunts over to humphry slocombe for scoops of ice cream, my most recent scoop was of ancho chili.....

and i'm going to try to hit them up one more time before i go. the reason why it was single scoop is because i knew i'd be hitting up a few places with SN later and wanted to ensure that i had enough stomach bandwith. yet, as i savored the chocolaty deliciousness of my ice cream, looking out onto the street, of course i thought about the posting i wrote earlier about loving less.

i already knew the answer to that question "how do you love someone you love...less?" btw when i wrote the posting. well, i knew what the answer was....for me anyway. i think everyone has a different answer to that question. my answer, is that i don't love them less. my answer is that i will always love them and accept that i will carry that love with me for always. the analytical logical side of me may bristle at this inability of mine to love someone less. yet, i didn't understand until relatively recently that not seeing someone doesn't mean that i have to love them less....and that perhaps breaking a promise....doesn't mean i love them less either.

it means i am not a yo-yo.

there are some mysterious things happening within the universe that i don't really understand right now though. as soon as i was able to crystallize this, the universe threw me a rather interesting curve ball later that evening. SN, who was witnessing everything, was like "this is serendipity". i think i was a bit emboldened by my intake of hudson rye whiskey manhattans at hog + rocks as well as beer at mission chinese food....but the universe threw down the gauntlet and i accepted. i have no regrets about that. the heart sister thinks i should write about it...and maybe i will.....someday.

yes, i'm being cryptic. those that know me can ask me about it in person when there is no one else around....just like i mentioned to mr + mrs hapa ramen this morning at the market. it is one of the small disadvantages of having homies that follow you on twitter and know who you are. i thought i was going to get away scott free after i picked up one of the delicious pork sliders they had on special at the ferry building farmers market this morning....

but linecook/hapa ramen being the sharpshooter that he is, asked for clarification re: my alcohol intake that evening and uber cool mrs. hapa ramen gave a delighted chortle at my chagrin. i promised to give them details at another time. i would have told them at that moment if not for the fact that their hapa ramen stand is like a food industry mecca (justifiably so)....with chefs and real bonafide food journalists dropping by.

anyway, i was able to come home and enjoy my fried pork slider from hapa ramen and add that moment of deliciousness to carry with me on my upcoming trip. i'll be continuing to collect more moments over the next week. it never hurts to stock up on delicious moments.

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