Monday, March 21, 2011

getting ready to leave for sfo

it is rather odd to see that it has been a week since i've posted anything on the blog. i've been writing and taking pictures everyday, i just haven't been posting anything here. i'll probably delve more into why or why not while i am on the road. i find that i blog quite a bit while i am on a trip. perhaps it is a way to stay connected with the folks at home.

right now, i'm doing the final things to get ready for my trip to the uk.

as i'm getting ready, i'm already looking forward to being safe and sound in my own bed once this business trip is complete. thankfully, this will be a short trip and i'll be back in sf at the end of the week. i'm already looking forward to being at the saturday farmers market.....absorbing the colors whilst wandering through the stands of greens, vegetables, fruit, bread, cheese, dried chilies, jams, candied citrus, pickles.....admittedly, getting somewhat cranky while side stepping slow moving tourists....yet having that crankiness predictably assuaged through inhaling the aromas of fresh bread from acme, ground coffee being parsed out with a clack clack clack grrrrrrr from blue bottle, and sizzling sausages from 4505 meats.

as always dear hearts, much hugs and love to you.

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